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Why User Behaviour Analytics are the secret weapon in your security strategy

27 Mar 2017

Imagine this: Someone who logs in to their bank account may check their balances and funds. Compare this to what a cyber hacker would do: log in, edit account records and wire money.

If there are multiple VPN sessions from a foreign country at 2am, but nobody is travelling and employees only log in from their local office at 8am – alarm bells should be ringing.

These are vastly different behaviour patterns – and LogRhythm has provided a way to set up alerts when this type of thing happens. It’s called User Behaviour Analytics (UBA). 

A new peer-written white paper, sponsored by LogRhythm, takes a look at how user behaviour analytics can really make the difference in your security protocols.

Titled CISOs Investigate: User Behavior Analytics – Peer-authored research, this firsthand look into UBA shows you:

  • What UBA is, how it works, and the key things you should consider
  • How to sell UBA to the C-Suite, reduce losses from breaches, staff implications and compliance
  • What UBA looks like in the market, including UBA vendors such as LogRhythm
  • What happens when UBA doesn’t work
  • Exclusive contributions from top CEOs, including IBM’s global CISO, David Cass
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