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Trust in transformation: The Blockchain.NZ conference returns to Auckland this May

Tue, 7th Mar 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Blockchain is a phenomenon that's weaving its way into the online world; using algorithms and decentralised servers to disperse information in a way that's both encrypted and always moving.

In association with BlockchainLabs.NZ and the Blockchain Association of New Zealand, The Blockchain.NZ is coming back to Auckland on May 8-11 to help CEOs, entrepreneurs, directors and project managers discover the potential for this technology.

But the conference is not just for specialists; it's for anyone who wants to know what exactly blockchain technology is and how it can be used to transform business - and society.

The most well known of all blockchain technologies is Bitcoin, one of the world's biggest cryptocurrencies.

TheBlockchain.NZ offers networking opportunities, 15 top blockchain speakers, workshops, panels and discussions to attendees.

Speakers include:

  • Vitalik Buterin, cofounder of Bitcoin Magazine, Ethereum creator and researcher.
  • Andreas Antonopoulos, entrepreneur, author of “Mastering Bitcoin” and “The Internet of Money”. He's also “one of the most well-known and well-respected figures in bitcoin”. 
  • John Halamka is Harvard Medical School's International Healthcare Innovation Professor and CIO of the Beth Israel Deaconness System. He dreams of a blockchain-underwritten future that tracks every patient's healthcare interaction straight into a ledger every provider can see. 
  • Kaidi Ruusalepp, former CEO of Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange and founder of blockchain-based global stock exchange Funderbeam.
  • Emma Weston is CEO and co-founder of AgriDigital. She's responsible for all aspects of the company's strategy, stakeholder engagement, blockchain and talent management. AgriDigital brings transparency and trust to agriculture supply chains around the world.
  • ​Maksim Izmaylov is a hacker and an entrepreneurr. He established Winding Tree, a blockchain-enabled B2B travel marketplace that's taking on the market.
  • George Samman is a blockchain and cryptocurrency consultant. He founded, now magnr, a bitcoin trading platform.
  • Pamela Morgan is CEO of Third Key Solutions, the culmination of her work advising bitcoin startups in multi-signature governance processes, key management, and disaster recovery. 
  • Peter Borah is lead Ethereum developer at Ownage, a startup that has created an Ethereum-based platform to distribute, collect and trade digital game content.
  • ​Margaux Avedisan is a publicist, entrepreneur and advisor in the bitcoin and blockchain industry.

The Blockchain.NZ will be held at the Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland from May 8-11. Interested? Find out more here.

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