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ExtraHop expands partnership with CrowdStrike for enhanced cloud security
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

The cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) vendor ExtraHop, recently announced a partnership with CrowdStrike. This provides Reveal(x) customers the possibility to store records in CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale, CrowdStrike's advanced SIEM and log management service. This new capacity empowers ExtraHop to broaden its partner ecosystem, offering more choice in how businesses operate their security tools, administer logs and streamline the intricacy of their technology stack.

Gartner's Infographic: Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2022 - Vendor Consolidation indicates that 75% of respondents are looking towards a vendor consolidation strategy, a rise from 29% in 2020. Amid this shift, companies necessitate a cloud-native NDR platform capable of integrating with an array of technologies to eradicate tech stack silos.

ExtraHop's Chief Product Officer, Kanaiya Vasani, commented on the move, "As threat landscapes broaden and become increasingly complex, businesses require greater flexibility to merge technologies that can help them better identify their cyber risk. Offering CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale as the latest Reveal(x) recordstore option provides users with the ability to consolidate their data collection based on their SIEM preferences and ensure the best security outcomes. As we continue to fortify our partnership with CrowdStrike, this most recent innovation offers our joint client base more choice, enabling them to stay one step ahead of potential security threats and bolster business resilience."

The records in LogScale integration bring additional benefits, such as providing a consolidated Next-Gen SIEM solution for security log management while maintaining a separate control level and accessibility from other data. The integration also aids in reducing investigatory time and enables faster security logging at the enterprise level. Existing Falcon LogScale investments also hold increased value with no added management overhead required.

CrowdStrike Chief Business Officer Daniel Bernard expressed his opinion, stating, "Customers and vendors have made it clear that legacy SIEMs are overly burdensome and costly to act as the backbone for modern cybersecurity operations. For this reason, CrowdStrike is collaborating with progressive partners like ExtraHop to help customers consolidate and standardise their log management and Next-Gen SIEM capabilities. Deepening this integration affords customers with the scale, speed, search, and storage capabilities they need to defend against today's sophisticated attacks and halt breaches."

In response to changing cybersecurity threats and advancements in technology, companies are pursuing a vendor consolidation strategy. This new integration will give businesses the flexibility, speed, scale, security, and storage necessary to ensure the best possible security outcomes. The strategic move from ExtraHop and CrowdStrike seeks to empower businesses to stay one step ahead, ultimately bolstering resilience within their cybersecurity operations.