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CrowdStrike & Rubrik unite to strengthen data security
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

CrowdStrike and Rubrik, both industry experts in the field of data security, have made public their strategic partnership that aims to speed up transformations in data security and prevent breaches of critical information. This collaboration combines the strengths of Rubrik's Security Cloud's data-rich attack context with CrowdStrike's AI-driven Falcon XDR platform. This powerful combination allows organisations to quickly detect, investigate and curtail attacks on sensitive data.

The 2024 CrowdStrike Global Threat Report shows that attackers continue to target sensitive data for data theft extortion attacks. Rubrik's research, carried out by Wakefield Research, reveals that 98% of businesses face difficulties with data visibility due to complex technology stacks. This complexity creates blind spots that attackers can exploit.

To counter these breaches, security teams need to be able to rapidly identify and prioritise responses to threats targeted at an organisation's most valuable data. By integrating threat detection with data discovery and classification across cloud and IT infrastructures, the joined forces of Falcon and Rubrik Security Cloud serve to provide security teams with the information they need to quickly detect and react to attacks on high-value data targets.

Elaborating on the partnership, Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer at CrowdStrike, stated: "CrowdStrike Falcon has become cybersecurity's source of truth and platform of record. Our partnership with Rubrik strengthens CrowdStrike's data gravity, unifying threat detection with data discovery, classification and backup." 

He added, "Through this partnership, we're delivering the visibility and context security teams need to prioritise and accelerate response actions required to stop breaches of sensitive information, all from a single platform."

Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Rubrik, emphasised the challenges posed by modern cyberattacks, stating: "Legacy backup tools are not designed for modern cyberattacks, and many organisations are now paying the price. The gap between threat detection, data discovery, and classification creates significant visibility challenges for security teams defending critical data."

Gupta highlighted the partnership's benefits in upping the ante against cyber attackers, enabling security teams to swiftly identify and defend against attacks and ultimately strengthen their cyber resilience.

The joint approach combines CrowdStrike's high-fidelity security telemetry, enriched with adversary intelligence and human expertise, with the Rubrik Security Cloud's rich, data-centric context. This unification provides organisations with context-rich insights, including details about attack behaviours and the targeted critical data. Such insights lead to speedy detection, investigation, and recovery. This leads to optimised security and IT operations, reduced alert fatigue, and a concentrated effort on halting data breaches.

Partners involved in the endeavour lauded the initiative. Alexander Ernst, Director of Competence Center, Network & Security at CANCOM, stated: "With Rubrik's data security intelligence, CANCOM's focused solutions and services, and CrowdStrike's cutting-edge cyber security solutions, we will fortify our offering with increased protection, faster recovery, and reduced data security risk."

Jordan Hildebrand, Global Cyber Practice Director of Security Operations at World Wide Technology, believes that the partnership and the value of their integrations will provide customers with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. He said the joint effort would enable their customers to safeguard critical data, identify threats quickly, and allow for rapid recovery while also being prepared for potential cyber threats.