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Sam Crowther stories

Sam Crowther is a seasoned author well-versed in the realm of cybersecurity, with a particular focus on the evolving threats posed by malicious bots. Their writing portrays a deep understanding of the financial and technical ramifications of bot-driven fraud, as well as the strategies and expenditures companies undertake to combat these pervasive cyber risks.

Crowther's interests seem to particularly dwell on Kasada, a dynamic player in the bot security industry. Through their coverage of Kasada's developmental milestones—including substantial fundraising achievements and strategic growth plans—it's clear they maintain a keen eye on the advancements propelling the sector forward.

Moreover, Crowther appears attuned to the seasonal ebb and flow of cyber threats, highlighting the surge in bot attacks during holiday periods and shedding light on emerging threats like the so-called 'Grinch Bot'. Their exploration of new security solutions illustrates an eagerness to keep abreast of cutting-edge technologies designed to thwart increasingly complex cyber adversaries.