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Nicholas Pointon, RNZ stories

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With a keen focus on the evolving interplay between technology and legal frameworks, Nicholas Pointon of RNZ demonstrates a particular interest in the complex issues surrounding intellectual property rights in the age of artificial intelligence. His investigative pursuits delve deep into unprecedented legal challenges, such as those concerning the inability of AI to be recognized as inventors under current New Zealand law, exploring the philosophical and legal implications of such pivotal decisions.


Moreover, Pointon's work encompasses the emerging nexus between technology and culture, highlighting the participation of New Zealand artists and celebrities in revolutionary digital marketplaces. His journalistic lens also scrutinizes the rapidly expanding domain of online investing. Here, he reflects on the twin narratives of financial innovation and the cybersecurity threats that shadow this growth, evidencing a comprehensive understanding of the financial sector's digital transformation.


His articles further dissect the volatile nature of cryptocurrency trading, capturing the tribulations faced by traders amidst the tumultuous market conditions. Pointon's reporting underscores the vulnerabilities of the crypto economy, revealing the human impact behind the 'perfect storm' of financial and support challenges within the industry.

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