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Narinder Purba stories

Narinder Purba is a keen observer and chronicler of the digital landscape, particularly the evolution and security of social media platforms. In one of their columns, Purba offers a retrospective look at Facebook as it celebrated its 12th anniversary, highlighting its growth and the strides it has made in enhancing security. Such insights reflect Purba's interest in the history and development of major online networks.

Purba also delves into the world of cybersecurity and risk management, emphasizing the importance of proper oversight in the realm of third-party risks. They spotlight the vulnerability an organization faces without dedicated individuals or departments to manage these risks. Purba's work underscores their concern for the strength and resiliency of organizational security structures.

Moreover, Purba expresses a deep interest in how businesses contend with data protection, especially after a security breach. They reference a general lack of confidence among IT professionals in their ability to secure data post-incidents, indicating an acute understanding of the challenges faced by those responsible for safeguarding digital information.

With a clear eye for cybersecurity trends, Narinder Purba also reports on major incidents such as the 2012 LinkedIn data breach, which affected over 117 million members. Purba's reporting sheds light on the long-term repercussions of such breaches and the necessary measures like password resets that are required to mitigate damage, demonstrating their commitment to informing the public about data security and privacy issues.