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APT news stories

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Finance industry revealed as sector most under threat by cyber attacks
The finance industry has been revealed as the sector most under threat from cyber attacks, according to a new study released by Trellix.
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Cyber-gangs using SSH identities to sell on the black market
Only 10% of organisations believe they have complete and accurate intelligence over all SSH machine identities.
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Machine Learning
Machine learning is a double-edged sword for cyber security
IT departments and security decision-makers need to understand the complexity of AI in cyber security, and how to strike a balance between risk and reward.
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Power / Energy
Stirling University opts with APT for data centre upgrade
After converging the campus' IT infrastructure from three data centres to two, the University of Stirling looked into a power upgrade.
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The next generation of APTs: Highly successful but surprisingly simple
The number and reach of cyber threats continues to grow, and, contrary to popular belief, even highly effective attacks can be very unsophisticated.
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Symantec unveils single console advanced threat protection
Symantec is upping the ante in its attempt to win the advanced threat protection space, launching a new offering designed to detect and remediate APT.
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Lagging mobile device and third party security leaving doors open for APTs
Organisations are continuing to leave the doors open to advanced persistent threat attacks, with mobile device security and user education lagging.
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Huawei unveils APT big data security solution
Huawei has released a new solution designed to protect against Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and denial-of-service (DdoS) attacks.
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Mobile Security
Margins aplenty and a new channel manager for Check Point
Check Point has upped its margins and added channel specific headcount for New Zealand as it ramps up its focus on new security technologies.
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Security: Counter measures to protect your customers
Businesses are on heightened alert after numerous news reports about cyber threats and APTs. Here's what you can do to help them.