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Zally appoints tech veteran David Webb as Chairman ahead of launch
Wed, 31st Jan 2024

Zally, a continuous authentication platform currently anticipating its beta release, has announced its latest key appointment, David Webb, as Chairman. This move is marked by the company as a crucial step in its ambitious plans for rapid expansion upon its launch.

Webb, respected in the tech industry for his 35-year career deeply rooted in technology, cybersecurity, and fintech, brings a wealth of experience into this new role. His professional journey includes founding and heading 6point6, a digital transformation specialist that was eventually acquired by Accenture in October 2023. As Zally's Chairman, this proficient tech veteran will be key to enhancing the company's market presence and honing its operational excellence.

The Zally team, including its latest addition, David Webb, passionately advocates for the increased adoption of more effective authentication methods, such as continuous authentication. This expansive belief aligns with Zally's vision to offer businesses and individuals with advanced cybersecurity measures to combat and mitigate potential future online threats.

Webb's appointment underlines Zally's thrust to construct a leadership team that meets world-class standards while simultaneously affirming the company's significant objective of swift growth upon launch. Over his illustrious career, Webb has engaged with clients from a broad scope of sectors, including public sector, defence and security, and financial services, among various private sector corporations. His extensive experience, educator-like instincts, and developer mindset will considerably contribute to the optimisation of Zally's pioneering continuous authentication platform.

CEO and Founder of Zally, Patrick Smith, shares his excitement about David's appointment as Chairman. He believes David's entrepreneurial experience of growing a business from a single-person venture to a company employing over 450 people will provide an invaluable guide for Zally's planned growth path.

Webb's well-documented knowledge and experience in cybersecurity allow him to comprehend the constraints presented by traditional, one-time logins that are still prevalent online. Moreover, he shares the Zally team's commitment to encouraging wider adoption of improved authentication methods, like continuous authentication, to protect businesses and individuals against current and looming cybersecurity risks.

Webb acknowledges the potential of Zally in instigating this much-required change. He credits the company with developing the capacity to employ behavioural biometric data to revolutionise secure authentication systems. Simultaneously, this approach enables corporations across an array of industries to enhance conversions, maintain compliance, and chart smooth customer experiences.

Webb spoke enthusiastically about joining Zally, recognising Zally's transformative approach to replacing passwords as a necessity in the contemporary realm of cybersecurity.

According to Webb, it's high time for a significant overhaul in authentication methods, which Zally is ideally positioned to initiate given the security and accessibility challenges posed by existing methods, especially for vulnerable sections of society. Finally, sharing the founder's vision and passion for altering the authentication landscape, Webb aims to expedite Zally's ambitious expansion strategies and ensure swift development and growth.