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SentinelOne acquires PingSafe, redefining cloud security in AI era
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

SentinelOne, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered security, has announced the successful acquisition of cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) PingSafe. SentinelOne believes this move marks the advent of a new era in cloud security, putting them at the forefront of this pivotal development.

The Chief Product and Technology Officer at SentinelOne, Ric Smith, explaines why he believes the merger is significant: "Most of today's cyber attacks start with endpoints and identities, and security teams can't stop them without comprehensive visibility across all vectors. CNAPP alone can't provide this. With the acquisition of PingSafe, SentinelOne is redefining what cloud security means by combining its AI-powered workload protection and Singularity Data Lake with a comprehensive CNAPP to create a unified security platform that protects the entire enterprise."

The acquisition of PingSafe is set to transform SentinelOne by expanding the value and security it offers to customers. Once integrated into the Singularity Platform, PingSafe's unique capabilities will allow SentinelOne to provide a leading cloud security solution across agentless CNAPP and agent-based threat protection for workloads and cloud storage.

Steve McDowell, Chief Analyst at NAND Research, recognises the potential of this merger: "The acquisition of PingSafe is a strong one, further solidifying SentinelOne's technology base while also allowing it to expand the reach of its unified security approach further. This is another example of SentinelOne continuing to execute its strategic initiatives in the face of a challenging competitive landscape."

The acquisition of PingSafe adds to SentinelOne's growing command of the enterprise security landscape, complementing their use of AI in preventing, detecting and responding to cyber threats. Its Singularity Platform has gained the trust of over 11,500 customers worldwide, including Fortune 10, Fortune 500, and Global 2000 companies, as well as several prominent governments.

SentinelOne aims to protect every facet of the modern digital enterprise, including endpoints, cloud workloads, and network-connected devices. By integrating PingSafe into its Singularity platform, SentinelOne also broadens its protection across cloud storage and workloads. This move reinforces SentinelOne's commitment to providing comprehensive security to enterprises in today's rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.