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Salesforce Shield offers superior level of data security

06 Dec 2016

With all the different Salesforce applications, it makes sense that there is one that deals with governance and compliance across all of them.

Introducing Salesforce Shield. Launched in July, it was built to help customers see how sensitive data is being used and go back through up to 10 years of data to see its state and value. It can also encrypt data at rest. All of this can be done in a single afternoon using point-and-click tools.

Salesforce Shield offers three main benefits:

1. Event Monitoring

Event monitoring offers visibility into all your Salesforce apps. It tells you what data is being accessed from where and what it's being used for. Page printing, list view, record editing and creation, list refreshes, ownership changes and more. All you need to do is access a standard CSV file via API and then plug the data into your visualisation tool of choice.

2. Field Audit Trail

Field audit trail allows you to go back through your archives and see the state and value of data at any time period for up to 10 years of data. Each object can contain up to 60 fields, allowing easy access to audit data in under two minutes. It can also alert you when data is deleted.

3. Platform Encryption

Platform encryption can encrypt all your at-rest sensitive data without affecting application functionality. 'Encryption aware' functionality allows you to work despite data encryption. It can also hide sensitive data from unauthorised use and you have control over your encryption keys.

Data archive, set to launch in 2017, can also store long-life business data in Salesforce.

Salesforce Shield is priced as part of your total Salesforce product spend. You can buy the whole package or individual services. 

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