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Recorded Future rolls out AI tech to combat global threats
Fri, 16th Feb 2024

Recorded Future, the intelligence company, has announced that its AI technology, following a beta testing period, is now ready to support and augment human actions aimed against global threats. The company's 'Intelligence Graph' is the backbone of its AI solution. This graph, notable in scale, has been amassing, sorting, and scrutinising threat data from all corners of the internet for over 10 years, converting large swathes of information into actionable insights.

These advanced enterprise capabilities empower every analyst within an organisation, enabling a potent generative AI-based assistant for intelligence and defence. This system also allows for a considerable enterprise threat surface to be software-defined, both in physical and cyber space, which can then be applied to AI analytics. Recorded Future AI holds the achievement of being the first-to-market AI solution for intelligence, built by an AI-native company, and has been adopted by leading organisations and nations tasked with the defence of crucial infrastructure.

Yegor Dubynskyi, Deputy Minister for Cybersecurity of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, was one of the decision makers who chose to utilise Recorded Future's AI in the Ukrainian Government. He stated, "Artificial Intelligence is transforming intelligence, both for cybersecurity and for warfighters. In fact, it is already transforming the very nature of war and conflict as we've experienced in Ukraine. Our collaboration with Recorded Future to deploy Recorded Future AI across the Ukrainian Government to support cyber and defense missions has been instrumental."

Quality threat intelligence is contingent on the ability to process vast amounts of data in real time from different and disparate sources. This requires the use of AI. The AI-driven threats across cyber, physical, and influence operations are fast-moving, and Recorded Future AI comprehends and aids in examining the threat landscape in real time. This resource enables defenders to quickly acquire situational awareness and execute appropriate action. It's anticipated that as AI becomes an integral aspect of society, its advantages and complications will inevitably affect all governments and organisations. The need for defenders to adapt to the pace of technological advancements is increasing.

Dr. Christopher Ahlberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Recorded Future, explained how their Intelligence Cloud has been compounding in its speed, comprehensive intelligence, and the ability to provide situational awareness against global threats for over a decade. He stated, "Recorded Future AI keeps defenders moving at the speed of AI."

Recorded Future AI is in operation in some of the most significant intelligence organisations worldwide. It can be utilised by hundreds of intelligence analysts and algorithms interacting directly within organisations. Enterprises and entire nations can identify large and complex threat surfaces in the physical and cyber world, and readily incorporate those in AI interactions, setting new trend in the context used in LLMs.

Recorded Future's Intelligence Cloud provides end-to-end intelligence across adversaries, infrastructure, and targets. Indexing the internet across the open web, dark web, and technical sources, Recorded Future provides real-time visibility into an expanding attack surface and threat landscape, to empower clients to act with speed and confidence to reduce risk and securely drive business forward.