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Portnox launches Conditional Access for Applications to enhance security
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

Leading provider of cloud-native, zero trust access control solutions, Portnox, announced today the availability of its latest solution designed to bolster application security posture for organisations. This new offering named Conditional Access for Applications embraces passwordless authentication, endpoint risk posture assessment, and automated endpoint remediation. The solution notably works within the Portnox Cloud platform.

More than an addition to the software, this solution places Portnox at the forefront of single, unified solutions for zero trust access control. The suite, which is entirely cloud-native, supports organisations looking to simplify their implementation of zero trust security structures, transition to passwordless authentication and do so at scale for all their networks, applications, and infrastructure. "Our fully cloud-native suite offers a one-stop-shop...", says Denny LeCompte, CEO at Portnox.

Boundary-pushing cybersecurity measures taken by Portnox include easy-to-deploy certificate-based authentication for all network access layers (wired, wireless, and VPN), as well as for applications and infrastructure. Reinforced by digital certificates and hassle-free cloud-native public key infrastructure (PKI), organisations can now put passwords behind them, improving both user and admin experiences, and adopting more secure access control methods. Boosting their zero trust offerings, Portnox is empowering resource-restrained IT teams to resist the growing trend of device-based attacks on enterprise SaaS and on-premises applications with a robust, risk-based approach on par with infrastructure and network security efforts.

Recent research from Forrester predicts that come 2024, 90 percent of security breaches will involve a human element, leading to password compromise being a significant cause of initial access to critical data by cyber criminals. This reality makes passwordless authentication necessary for the future of digital infrastructure. Andras Cser, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, coauthored a report stating, "Passwordless authentication replaces the traditional password with a method that is more user-friendly and more secure...".

With the huge shift towards remote working, employees and contractors are no longer bound to the office and rely on business-critical applications from anywhere, exposing them to potentially insecure networks. Jeremy Morrill, Portnox Chief Product Officer, explained, "Complete cybersecurity protection goes well beyond just controlling access; IT teams must meet ever-evolving security compliance requirements... With Portnox, the endless list of enterprise applications no longer serves as a directory of easily targeted access attack vectors."

Portnox's Conditional Access for Applications, now available, can be subscribed as a stand-alone package or as one component of Portnox's Unified Access Control subscription package that includes the full functionalities of the Portnox Cloud.