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Pentest People launches cybersecurity training course
Mon, 4th Dec 2023

Pentest People, a UK-based expert in Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) and cybersecurity, has launched an innovative training course named 'Cyber Security Fundamentals'. Intended for everyone from IT professionals to non-technical staff and business leaders, the two-day course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity while focusing on current threats and vulnerabilities that organisations face today.

Executed by Pentest People's team of skilled penetration testing consultants, the first day of the course focuses on 'Understanding the Cyber Security Landscape'. It offers an overview of potential threats businesses encounter and in-depth knowledge of how cybercriminals apply their toolkit of malware and ransomware. The day concludes with an interactive session that enables participants to identify threats in real-time.

The second day of the programme concentrates on best practices and strategies that can help businesses shield themselves from looming cyber threats. It also aids the attendees in formulating a plan to foster a robust cyber-resilient culture within their organisations. These insights will be delivered avoiding any jargon, to ensure a clear, concise, and actionable knowledge base for the participants.

"This is not just another basic cyber awareness programme, but an in-depth training course aiming to enlighten staff about the cybersecurity landscape, helping them to identify vulnerabilities, system weaknesses and drawing up effective countermeasures to defend their business." says Michael Keddie, Academy Team Leader at Pentest People. He further explains that the course aims to empower attendees with the essential knowledge and acumen to protect their valuable business data, counteract cyber threats, and maintain the highest security standards.

Mr Keddie believes that the course could serve as a stepping stone for those interested in a career in cybersecurity as well as helping secure an organisation’s cyber defences. He says, "this course provides the knowledge and tools necessary for unparalleled success."

The Cyber Security Fundamentals course is part of the Pentest People Academy, a portmanteau of internal and external training initiatives designed to inspire and prepare the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. The academy prides itself on real-world, hands-on training that trains delegates for industry-recognised certifications, ensuring they remain ahead of cyber threats.

The specifics of the course include the history and evolution of cybersecurity, types, sources, and implications of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. It also covers malware understanding, cyber security frameworks and standards overview, effective cyber hygiene practices, advanced threat detection and management techniques, developing a cyber-resilient culture within an organisation, legal and ethical considerations in cybersecurity. Finally, it will help attendees craft a custom cybersecurity plan tailored to their organisation's needs.