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DoubleVerify launches tiered brand suitability categories for MFA content
Fri, 16th Feb 2024

DoubleVerify, a software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, has announced the introduction of its tiered brand suitability categories. These new categories aim to address the measurement and protection of Made for Advertising (MFA) in a way that is more nuanced and brand-specific. This system was established in response to the recent surge in online MFA content.

The AI-powered brand suitability categories and controls offered by DoubleVerify will assist advertisers, who may choose to display ads across MFA sites, in boosting campaign performance. Through careful balancing of brand protection and campaign scale, these controls can optimise media investments according to the specific requirements of the advertisers. DoubleVerify's approach provides one of the most detailed and nuanced levels of analysis in the industry, avoiding any miscategorisation and false positives.

The CEO of DoubleVerify, Mark Zagorski, said, "DoubleVerify’s AI-powered MFA brand suitability categories offer marketers a groundbreaking, nuanced approach to effectively tackle MFA challenges. Our MFA controls enable brands to boost campaign performance and optimise media investments by carefully balancing brand protection and campaign scale based on their specific requirements."

The brand suitability categories use a unique blend of human and AI-based auditing to identify MFA sites at scale. The proprietary analysis process examines several factors across a site's ad monetisation activities, ad traffic sources, and approach to content creation. An MFA site will then be assigned to one of three DoubleVerify brand suitability tiers - MFA High, MFA Medium or MFA Low.

Jack Smith, Chief Innovation Officer at DoubleVerify, commented on the new system stating, "The introduction of our MFA brand suitability categories is a critical development for the advertising industry. Our goal is to equip marketers with tools for nuanced measurement and management of MFA content, significantly enhancing precise brand protection."

The tiered MFA categories will soon be integrated into DV's Authentic Brand Suitability (ABS) for pre-bid avoidance. In the meantime, DoubleVerify can provide a curated MFA exclusion list for programmatic buyers. These categories can also be seamlessly integrated into an advertiser's brand safety and suitability profile for post-bid measurement and monitoring through DV Pinnacle.

DoubleVerify's Chief Innovation Officer added, "This innovation ensures that marketing efforts are strategically aligned with brand goals and values, fostering deeper consumer engagement and trust, while also optimising investments and performance." This new offering bolsters DoubleVerify's controls in response to the surge in online MFA content and appears to build on its September 2023 beta release.