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Danfoss boosts security & cuts onboarding time with Saviynt's platform
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Engineering and manufacturing giant Danfoss has successfully deployed Saviynt's Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) platform to refine identity governance, reducing the onboarding time for new employees by 83%. The collaboration has simplified and bolstered security and governance processes for 45,000 digital identities globally and across over 100 continents.

Saviynt empowers enterprises to secure their digital transformation, safeguard critical assets, and meet regulatory compliance with a vision to provide a secure and compliant future for all enterprises.

Prior to engaging Saviynt, Danfoss grappled with its in-house Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. This system involved multiple servers in various environments, leading to a time-intensive and challenging management and maintenance process. These complications intensified with Danfoss's ongoing global expansion.

Daniel Tunes, Director and Head of Identity and Access Management at Danfoss hailed the partnership: "With Saviynt, we achieved 83% faster onboarding across three continents. We realised more efficient, secure, and user-friendly governance for 45,000 identities in record time."

Danfoss turned to Saviynt to modernise its approach to identity security. Its first step, replacing its IGA solution with Saviynt's EIC platform, optimised and secured its most frequent processes, user provision and decommission. Furthermore, with the EIC platform, Danfoss has successfully improved user access management and certification, addressed the risks associated with privileged account separation of duties, and met industry-specific compliance standards.

Saviynt's cloud-native solution has assisted Danfoss in managing the lifecycle of the external workforce and third parties, as well as strengthening its analytics and reporting capabilities. The successful implementation of Saviynt's solutions allowed Danfoss to navigate complex identity and access challenges across diverse geographic locations, demonstrating the effectiveness of the partnership in addressing the company's needs on a global scale.

Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Saviynt, highlighted their solution's significant positive impact on Danfoss. According to Nayyar, Saviynt has greatly enhanced key processes at Danfoss, leading to increased efficiencies and a reinforced security and compliance stance. The implementation of Saviynt's Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) has allowed Danfoss to automate access requests for contractors and other contingent workers, crucial contributors to the company's operations.

This automation streamlines processes and ensures that partners can easily access necessary resources while strictly adhering to compliance, risk management, and governance protocols. Overall, the integration of Saviynt's solution has empowered Danfoss to work seamlessly with its partners, balancing accessibility with robust security and compliance measures.

Sachin Nayyar said, "Saviynt has supercharged Danfoss' key processes, driving efficiencies as well as strengthening the company's security and compliance posture. With EIC, Danfoss has also been able to automate access requests for contractors and other contingent workers, who play an important role in the company's operations."

"By automating third-party access, Danfoss has truly enabled the business by working seamlessly with its partners, ensuring they can access the resources they need while at the same time enforcing strict compliance, risk and governance procedures."