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ControlUp unveils Secure DX designed for endpoint device security
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

ControlUp, the leading innovator in Digital Employee Experience (DEX) management, has announced the launch of Secure DX, a ground-breaking solution designed to improve the security posture of endpoint devices while maintaining a consistent digital employee experience. Secure DX offers real-time scanning, detection, and remediation capabilities, thereby proactively identifying and attending to endpoint vulnerabilities and insecure configurations.

The increasing adoption of remote and hybrid work environments has dramatically expanded attack surfaces, rendering organisations more vulnerable to cyber threats and breaches. Secure DX mitigates these risks by offering continuous and autonomous detection and resolution of endpoint vulnerabilities, thus freeing up IT and cybersecurity teams to respond faster to security threats.

The risk imposed by endpoint security vulnerabilities is an escalating concern, with nearly 70% of organisations reported to have experienced at least one cyber attack via internet-facing assets. These attacks frequently stem from high-risk security compromises such as misconfigurations, account hijacking, unauthorized access, insecure interfaces, and more.

The incessant onslaught of cyber threats has left IT teams overwhelmed, with a particular concern being the security gaps at the endpoint. Responding to this growing demand, Asaf Ganot, ControlUp Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, stated: "ControlUp is leading the expansion of the DEX market category to include security and compliance insights that will enhance both IT and employee productivity. With Secure DX, we provide deeper visibility into security data, allowing IT teams to elevate their security posture and address complex security challenges across thousands of devices in real time. The result - our customers can offer a more secure and high-performing experience for their employees."

Secure DX has been engineered to improve the security of Windows OS-based systems and apps by detecting and handling vulnerabilities in real time, reinforcing desktop security, and ensuring compliance. Other key features of Secure DX include real-time detection of vulnerabilities, an intuitive scoring system for prioritisation based on risk and exposure, and continuous remediation of identified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

An industry analyst highlighted the importance of transitioning to automated systems, given the rising threat landscape and staffing shortages faced by security teams. In an interview with VentureBeat, he underscored that "dealing with today's threat volume is nearly impossible without automated processes such as vulnerability management," adding, "scanning for assets and vulnerabilities on them is the most common process that is fully automated today."

Now available to Edge DX customers, Secure DX is ControlUp's tested and proven solution for real-time monitoring of local and remote physical endpoint devices and apps. The launch of Secure DX reinforces ControlUp's commitment to safeguarding organisations from a complex and evolving cybersecurity landscape, while maximizing productivity and enhancing the digital employee experience.