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Bugcrowd launches CrowdConnect for bolstered global cybersecurity
Wed, 31st Jan 2024

Bugcrowd, has launched a new initiative, known as the CrowdConnect Partner Program. This venture is set to bolster global partners, enabling them to utilise crowd resources to protect against the rapid onslaught of cyber threats. The program is designed to accelerate the growth and maturity of Bugcrowd's network of partners, thereby expanding their ability to market, influence, integrate, sell, and deliver cybersecurity solutions.

Bugcrowd has set itself apart from other businesses in the industry with the CrowdConnect program by providing deal protection, healthy margins, and rewarding partners for their value and volume rather than on the basis of complex tier systems. Since its inception in FY24, Bugcrowd has already successfully enlisted 40 new partners under the purview of CrowdConnect.

The company stands unique in the landscape of crowdsourced security by directing 100% of its reward pools towards hackers, a move that extends support to its mission of harnessing the collective creativity of the hacker community.

The introduction of CrowdConnect has been well-received by partners, with many quick to recognise its benefits. Mike Quirin, Founder and Partner at Alchemy Tech Group, commented, "With Bugcrowd’s CrowdConnect, our customers were able to immediately realise the full benefits of a powerful SaaS crowdsourcing platform. CrowdConnect has supported Alchemy's goal of providing our customers with value-driven solutions from day one."

Paul Zhdanovych, Managing Director at Softprom, echoed these sentiments, stating, "Bugcrowd allows us to provide our clients with a powerful network of hackers custom fit for their organisational needs, adding to our already robust IT and cybersecurity portfolio. Bugcrowd has been a vital partner in providing an immensely talented and creative hacker community via crowdsourcing."

The 2023 Inside the Mind of a Hacker report revealed that 84% of hackers believe that fewer than half of companies understand their true risk of being breached. Moreover, an overwhelming 96% of hackers agree that they help companies fill their cybersecurity skills gaps.

Responding to these issues, the CrowdConnect program enables organisations to consolidate hackers and security professionals into one potent SaaS platform. This unity is set to unleash potential often isolated in silos, boosting cybersecurity strategies and connecting partner clients with the perfect crowdsourced talent from a trusted pool of highly skilled researchers.

Paul Ciesielski, Chief Revenue Officer of Bugcrowd, explained the focus of the initiative, saying, "Our guiding mission is to arm our growing partner network around the globe with a disruptive, innovative SaaS platform to proactively reduce the risk of being blindsided by today’s sophisticated threats. CrowdConnect has been designed to be valuable for our partners, allowing them to differentiate their products through access to our Bugcrowd Platform."

The CrowdConnect Partner Program extends its reach to various partnerships, including Resale Partners, Managed Security Service Providers, Agent/Referral Partners, Consultants/Advisors, System Integrators, Technology Alliance, and Referral Partners.