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BlueVoyant acquires Conquest Cyber to enhance cybersecurity risk management
Thu, 30th Nov 2023

BlueVoyant announced its acquisition of Conquest Cyber, a renowned defence company with innovative SaaS technology for streamlined risk management in cybersecurity. The merger of Conquest Cyber's technological prowess with BlueVoyant's state-of-the-art internal and external cyber defence solutions results in a comprehensive cyber risk management platform specifically designed to cater to both enterprise and highly regulated environments.

This acquisition is supported by a massive $140 million funding that BlueVoyant raised through a Series E round. The nesting of Conquest Cyber's top-notch SaaS-based risk management tech into BlueVoyant's suite of solutions helps address a critical gap in the current cybersecurity marketplace, which often falls short in providing solutions that holistically assess, operationalise, verify, and remediate risks.

The integrated tech platform proposed in the merger not only modernises risk management but also yields an unrivalled level of organisational insight and control. It enables risk visualisation and mitigation across regulatory frameworks such as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), while also underscoring the crucial role of active security posture management, detection, and response operations. The Conquest Cyber technology will be incorporated into existing BlueVoyant products and services, marking the creation of the first solution that delivers comprehensive internal and external cyber defence mapped to risk maturity.

James Rosenthal, CEO and co-founder of BlueVoyant, expounded on the importance of this acquisition, given the significant shortfall in the market. "Despite the extensive range of cybersecurity vendors," he stated, "a significant gap persists in the market concerning comprehensive solutions that empower clients to assess, operationalise, validate, and mitigate risks. The integration of BlueVoyant's and Conquest Cyber's capabilities addresses this shortfall, bolstering our ability to protect clients' internal and external digital ecosystems in a more comprehensive manner."

The enhanced capabilities come at a critical time, particularly for high-security areas such as the Defense Industrial Base and Government sector. These areas face an escalating risk of cyber incidents and impending new cybersecurity rules such as CMMC 2.0. According to Jeffrey J. Engle, chairman and president of Conquest Cyber, their technology's combination with BlueVoyant's solutions aims to offer radical transparency to decision-makers. This merger will "ensure customers have modern solutions for their unique cybersecurity needs," providing a more robust and resilient digital landscape.

Both BlueVoyant and Conquest Cyber have earned esteem from Microsoft for their expert collaborations in securing shared clients. They have proven themselves as successful radiation and cybersecurity firms, each securing various laurels over the past years. In addition to their accomplishments, both companies hold CMMC Registered Provider Organisation (RPO) accreditation and Conquest Cyber's ARMED ATK solution is featured on the FedRAMP marketplace.