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Acronis launches robust cyber protection product to tackle digital threats
Mon, 26th Feb 2024

Acronis, a renowned provider of cyber protection, has released its newest product, Acronis Cyber Protect 16, an advanced solution that offers robust protection against cyber threats in addition to stellar backup and recovery functionalities. This latest iteration establishes a new benchmark for swift and seamless recovery following cyberattacks or data loss, designed specifically for multi-site organisations.

Increasingly, integrated cybersecurity and data protection solutions are needed for distributed organisations. The shift towards remote work and an ever-changing threat landscape have led to greater risk exposure and raised data privacy and access concerns. Acronis Cyber Protect 16 features a new centralised dashboard to provide better, more simplified management through a single pane of glass, thereby enabling complete visibility of the entire environment.

Acronis Cyber Protect 16's noteworthy features include cyber threat protection – which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively shield data, applications, and systems from advanced cyberattacks; rapid recovery – removing reliance on central IT support allows users to initiate one-click recovery; and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to broad, multi-generational OS support. A consolidated view of backup and recovery operations and extensive OS support simplify management. Class-leading data sovereignty is achieved via the utilisation of Acronis' extensive network of global data centres.

Gaidar Magdanurov, President at Acronis, expressed their commitment to provide end to end protection for all data, applications, and systems. He emphasised, "In today’s era of distributed environments, organisations require a cyber protection solution that provides reliable protection and fast and easy recovery after incidents. That is what Acronis Cyber Protect 16 is bringing – one-click recovery after cyberattacks or data loss."

An integrated product, Acronis Cyber Protect 16 combines backup and disaster recovery with cybersecurity and remote endpoint management in a single, cost-efficient platform. Assuring business continuity, the solution is tailored to the needs of companies in operational technology and industrial control systems who require swift restoration capabilities to minimize downtime during potential outages. At the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, Acronis is continuously adapting in response to challenges in the digital world.

Alan Conboy, Field CTO at Scale Computing, expressed confidence in Acronis Cyber Protect, stating, "We have complete confidence that if one of our customers suffers a cyber incident, we can get them back online in minutes. Acronis' single console seamlessly integrates comprehensive backup and recovery, endpoint management and cybersecurity to meet the needs of our broad range of customer environments, diverse OSs and organisational sizes."