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Acronis joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association for cyber protection
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

On February 1st, Acronis, a leading cyber protection provider disclosed it had become a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). An assembly of independent software vendors (ISV) and managed security service providers (MSSP), MISA acquires memberships from those who have integrated their solutions with Microsoft security technology, as they build stronger defences in lockstep against a world of escalating cybersecurity threats.

Founded with the advocacy of natively integrated applications and services used primarily by service providers to enhance productivity and efficiency, Acronis offers Cyber Protect Cloud, an advanced single, integrated solution. This not only simplifies complexity but also furnishes unparalleled integrated protection against an ever-growing array of cyber threats. Furthermore, it features the Acronis Ecosystem comprising over 200 integrations with third-party vendors.

Gaidar Magdanurov, President at Acronis, stated, "Over 20,000 MSPs use Acronis to protect and manage their customers' endpoints, applications, and data. Most of them are Microsoft CSP Direct or Indirect Resellers who seek synergies between Microsoft, Acronis, and other vendors to fulfill customer security and data resiliency requirements. With today’s announcement of Acronis’ Cyber Cloud Protect integrated with Microsoft Intune, MSPs can now manage customer endpoints with Microsoft Intune and deploy Acronis managed security and backup services quickly and easily to their customers, all from a single agent and interface."

Interestingly, the cooperation between Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Microsoft Intune enables partners to station Acronis agents and implement protection plans based on Microsoft Entra ID groups through Microsoft Intune, which abides by Microsoft best practices. Acronis partners can now effortlessly explore integration options directly through the MISA partner catalog, intending to provide MSPs with a more approachable experience for competently enabling an integrated ecosystem.

Acronis’ partnership within MISA underpins the excellence of its integration with Microsoft Intune, displaying a long-term commitment to the Microsoft relationship. MISA facilitates close collaboration between members to improve customer security. Each new participant brings valuable expertise, thus making the association more effective as it expands. This emphasizes Acronis’ dedication to cybersecurity.

Maria Thomson, Director of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, commended, “The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association has turned into a vibrant ecosystem constituted by the most reliable and trusted security software vendors world over. Our members, like Acronis, share Microsoft’s commitment to collaboration within the cybersecurity community to enhance our customers’ ability to predict, detect, and respond to security threats quicker.”

As Acronis continues to dedicate itself to cybersecurity, integration with other leading technologies will likely remain a strategic move, and partnering with MISA represents a significant step in the ongoing mission to effectively combat the ever-present threat of cyber crime.