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Absolute Software offers 90-day free support amid Ivanti vulnerabilities
Mon, 5th Feb 2024

Absolute Software, an enterprise cyber resilience company, has announced its commitment to providing free support and product licenses for 90 days. This offer is aimed at organisations dealing with the fallout from the recently reported vulnerabilities of Ivanti Connect Secure and Ivanti Policy Secure Zero Days.

These vulnerabilities have the potential to significantly impact many organisations. However, Absolute Software has assured both public and private sector entities using Ivanti that its Absolute Secure Access and Secure Endpoint products were not affected. To this end, Absolute has offered additional licenses, onboarding, and support free of charge for the next three months. This will enable these sectors to easily and efficiently scale and deploy additional licenses without incurring further costs.

Absolute's Secure Endpoint and Secure Access are already installed across numerous platforms, making the addition of extra licenses a smooth process. As a leading name in cyber resilience, whose products are integrated into the firmware of over 600 million Windows devices, Absolute's involvement facilitates the swift identification and replacement of Ivanti instances. This measure also aids in the rapid mitigation of devices that may have been further damaged by Ivanti's vulnerabilities.

For organisations requiring the fast deployment of secure and compliant network connectivity for distributed devices, Absolute Secure Access, previously known as NetMotion, will scale quickly, enforcing and applying necessary policies. This will provide a comprehensive, structured network and offer support to users during a critical period.

Absolute is highly trusted in the cybersecurity industry. Its platform ensures robust security compliance and provides coverage of endpoint-to-network access security. Its services fortify security and business applications and deliver operational continuity, thus enabling an uninterrupted user experience. In addition, it protects corporate assets in approximately 21,000 global customer premises.

Absolute Software's offer to provide free support and product licenses for 90 days will be invaluable to the many organisations affected by the Ivanti vulnerabilities. It reflects the company's commitment to actively assist those in need and demonstrates its dedication to maintaining the strength and integrity of cybersecurity across the globe.