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59% of IT leaders feel Govt should be doing more - KnowBe4
Wed, 22nd Mar 2023

KnowBe4’s latest research finds 59% of New Zealand’s IT decision-makers feel the government should be doing more to protect local businesses from cyber attacks.

It also finds that just 45% of Kiwi IT leaders say they are confident that they understand their company’s responsibilities when it comes to reporting cyber incidents and data breaches to the government.

“It is clear from our research that Kiwi IT leaders and businesses are not feeling supported by the government when it comes to security issues,” says Jacqueline Jayne, Security Awareness Advocate for APAC at KnowBe4.

“There is more education required for those in IT about their obligations and commitments, but also for the general public about how to stay safe online both at home and at work.”

37% of IT decision-makers believe the government should be providing more education and awareness to all Kiwis about cyber risks and how to stay safe online.

Further, 24% believe the government should be offering more Kiwi businesses training on cyber risks.

Additionally, 20% believe the government needs to be putting more funding into protecting Kiwi businesses in the cyber domain.

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“The reality is that cyber threats are so pervasive that keeping individuals and businesses safe requires a combined effort from the government, business leaders, IT departments and employees alike,” Jayne adds.

“There is no panacea or magic technology solution that will protect your business. Everyone needs to be educated about potential threats and how to avoid them.”

KnowBe4 notes there is one area that is particularly concerning: just 38% of New Zealand’s IT decision-makers believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect their organisation from cyber attacks.

Of that total, 37% believe it is the IT department’s responsibility, 23% believe it falls on the government, and 21% think individual employees should be accountable.

Moreover, 30% say the burden does not fall on people at all, instead believing that technology should be protecting their business from cyber attacks.

Employees are also unaware of who is responsible for cybersecurity, which KnowBe4 says is unsurprising given the IT department’s lack of clarity.

52% of Kiwi office workers think everyone is responsible for ensuring a company stays safe from cyber attacks.

However, 19% believe it is the IT department’s responsibility, 14% believe it is up to the employee, and 10% think the government should be responsible.

In addition, 21% say there is technology that should be protecting the organisation from cyber attacks.