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Technology trends news stories - Page 2

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Tablets & laptops
Silver lining to declining personal computing market
IDC has provided a rather gloomy forecast but there are opportunities to be exploited on the horizon.
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Edge Computing
EkkoSense: 5 steps to maximising data centre performance
The company has shared what it believes are the five data centre optimisation trends that will maximise data centre performance in 2019.
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New Zealand outpacing global smart TV adoption
"Hardware vendors can get ahead by articulating the value of connectivity between their televisions and other smart devices to their potential customers."
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Machine Learning
Gartner Hype Cycle: Five technology trends critical to business longevity
These technologies promise to deliver a competitive advantage over the next 10 years.
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Artificial Intelligence
CompTIA identifies 12 industry trends to watch in 2018
CompTIA’s “IT Industry Outlook 2018” projects growth of 5% across the global tech sector this year.
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Digital Transformation
Infosys co-founder stresses the need for change in IT companies
The challenge, Gopalakrishnan says, is the fear of the unknown that accompanies change and that companies are currently experiencing today.
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Voice Control
Icelandic language at risk due to voice command tech
Fewer than 400,000 people speak Icelandic, and linguists are hypothesising that this is how the language dies.
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Technology trends
Augment your world: Virtual reality summit comes to NZ
"In the past year, a groundswell of incredible technology has built up and is about to break."
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Technology trends
Technology trends to cause seismic upheaval across sectors throughout A/NZ
We anticipate seismic upheaval across some industries, of which the financial services industry is no exception.
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Tech-hungry businesses need to find their inner child
is enough innovation coming out of our big companies? The world loves emerging technologies, but have businesses lost their sense of play?
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Victoria University
Students concerned that the tertiary sector isn't tackling tech trends
Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association (VUWSA) has called for more focus on providing service quality and innovation.
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Study finds DevOps now established & highly successful field
DevOps is now an established, complex & dynamic team effort, with its own practices and cultural patterns, according to more than 4600 professionals.
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The six biggest ICT trends at COMPUTEX 2016
COMPUTEX trade show showcased 6 big trends: Industry 4.0, market expansion to Asia, startup innovation, Internet of Things, virtual reality & gaming.
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Surfing the Crest: Top Technology Trends in 2016
The technology industry moves at a relentless pace, making it both exhilarating and unforgiving. Here are six predictions for 2016.