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Software engineering news stories

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Cisco reveals new tech, intends to prevent network issues
Cisco has revealed new technology intended to mitigate costly disruptions by aiding IT teams in learning, predicting and planning.
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Microsoft and EY collaborate to create a US$15 billion opportunity over the next five years
Microsoft and EY, formerly known as Ernst & Young Global, have expanded their relationship.
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Google intensifies NZ ops with cloud interconnect location, new hires & Auckland office
The company has launched a Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect location in Auckland, and a new AUNZ Google Cloud region in Melbourne, Australia.
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Pulumi announces version 3.0 of its cloud engineering platform
Pulumi has announced version 3.0 of its Cloud Engineering Platform, which it says will unite all aspects of cloud engineering, application development, infrastructure management, and security through a single platform. 
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Auckland startup raises $4.1m from top Silicon Valley investors
The duo initially developed software for other businesses until they decided to commercialise their internal product Termius, which was originally created for their own use.
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Get amongst the hottest Kiwi DevOps talent
AI, machine learning, waterfall vs agile, and working at scale are just some of the topics that will be covered during the 2018 NZ DevOps Conference.
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Software engineering
The future of wireless design with multi-functional engineers
It starts with enabling team members to become multi-functional engineers who can comfortably work in the digital, RF, and system domains.
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Swinburne University of Technology
Innovative Professor receives Distinguished Education Award
"Setting the frameworks to give the next generation of software engineers an impactful and meaningful learning experience sets up society with a richer and more knowledgeable digital infrastructure," says Professor John Grundy of Swinburne University of Technology