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Operational technology
OT vulnerabilities grew significantly in 2021 — report
The spike in new threats is putting vital critical infrastructure at risk, according to Skybox Security.
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Critical Infrastructure
Critical infrastructure vulnerabilities surge as cybersecurity not up to scratch
"Despite the criticality, the cybersecurity measures in place are still weak or nonexistent."
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Skybox Security announces broad expansion across APAC and EMEA
Security posture management company Skybox Security has announced an ‘accelerated global expansion’ following a surge in customer demand.
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Women in Technology
On the front line: Perspectives from women in the tech industry
October 8 marked Ada Lovelace Day, a memorial for the first computer programmer. But it was a lot more than celebrating one woman’s achievements.
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Hybrid Cloud
Skybox Security launches update to simplify hybrid cloud risk management
Intelligent automation brings harmony and efficiency to multi-vendor environments, integrating data and yielding contextual insight.
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Two years on: Have organisations learnt from WannaCry?
This month marks a special anniversary – two years since one of the world’s most destructive pieces of ransomware ever caused chaos.
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Cloud Security
OT attacks and cryptominers on the rise – Skybox
Skybox Security’s 2019 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report analyzes what shaped the threat landscape over 2018 and what it means for the year ahead.
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Partner Programme
Skybox expands APAC footprint with new channel partners in Australia
In addition to new partnerships, Skybox has recently appointed a new regional sales director for Australia and South Pacific, Tom Castell.
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It’s G-Day: GDPR now operational so what do the experts think?
GDPR is now officially live and the hype is reaching manic levels with the term beating 'Beyoncé' on Google this week - here's what the experts think.
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NHS signs £150m cybersecurity deal with Microsoft – but is it enough?
Following the fiasco caused by the WannaCry ransomware attack nearly a year ago, NHS has bolstered its defences with a big investment.