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Skills gap news stories - Page 3

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New Horizons invests in Australia's workforce, seeks to close skills gap
“Growing and developing the new digitally literate workforce and the associated leadership, requires a comprehensive approach to training."
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Interview: Microsoft's Diana Kelley talks talent gaps and D&I
Kelley recently spoke at Microsoft Asia’s new Experience Center, where she talked through her experience as a security CTO, as well as IoT security, what’s ahead in 2020, and diversity and inclusion both in the cybersecurity sector, and in technology.
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Challenges in video gaming market grow as revenues increase
Video gaming revenues have almost doubled in the last five years, however the main players in the place are set to face stiff competition in coming months, according to a new study by EY.
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Skills shortage
Lack of digital talent in Australia, report finds
“When leaders prioritise investment in training, they retain talent and grow revenue more rapidly."
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Gender bias
Are AI assistants teaching girls to be servants?
Have you ever interacted with a virtual assistant that has a female-based voice or look, and wondered whether there are implicitly harmful gender biases built into its code?
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'Data driven' is nothing more than a slogan for many businesses
‘Dark data’ – the kind of data that organisations have but don’t necessarily have the resources to take advantage of it, makes up more than half of a typical business.
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Fortinet's bid to close the cyber skills gap
A comprehensive training and education strategy must include strategic partnerships within government, academia and NGOs.
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New digital world causing concern for IT auditor recruitment
Nearly 2/3s of organisations say the tech skills gap is already impacting IT audits. A new study identifies the top five skills auditors seek.
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ICT peak body’s policy focus pre-budget
The AIIA highlights the need to boost Digital Skills, Innovation and Government ICT Procurement in Pre-Budget Submission.
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Artificial Intelligence
SAS gives glimpse into analytics industry in 2019
Analytics software vendor SAS predicts the sectors where analytics opportunities will grow, plus the challenges and changes ahead this year.
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Skill retention and cloud cost real concerns, research shows
New Nutanix research has shown that Australian enterprises are struggling to retain AI talent. Also, they love the cloud, but not the price tag.
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Infosys aims to generate 1,200 IT jobs for Aussies
The company will open three Innovation Hubs and create new skilled jobs for graduates and professionals by 2020.
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Top 25 hottest skills in 2013
As 2013 draws to a close, LinkedIn thought it would be interesting to look back at the year that was and try to answer a simple question: "Who’s getting hired and what are they doing?"