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Fortinet: Risk and compliance in a hyperscaling world
Your challenge is to minimise risk whilst embracing the promise of digital transformation.
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Remote Working
Networks shrouded in lack of visibility - SANS Institute report
More than half survey of respondents believe that a lack of network visibility poses high or very high risks to their organisation.
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Data Protection
Southeast Asia firms rank data protection as top security concern
"From the $81M USD heist against a central bank to a data breach leaking names of HIV cases, our past offers timeless lessons on cybersecurity which organisations and businesses in all shapes and sizes should definitely learn from."
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Business Continuity
BitSight enhances fourth-party risk management solution
BitSight for Fourth-Party enables customers to identify areas of business and cyber risk. It does this by automatically pinpointing connections between any organisation, its business partners, and potentially risky fourth parties.
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BitSight and ServiceNow announce integrations improving cyber risk management
Together, BitSight and ServiceNow provide organisations with prioritised visibility and automated workflows to manage cyber risk.
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IT risk and compliance
Auxilion launches new cybersecurity risk assessment service
Auxilion’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment service (CRA), will identify any vulnerabilities within an organisation from a technology, human and compliance perspective.
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Hybrid Cloud
Skybox Security launches update to simplify hybrid cloud risk management
Intelligent automation brings harmony and efficiency to multi-vendor environments, integrating data and yielding contextual insight.
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OneSpan uses AI to tackle financial account fraud
Its new solution uses machine learning to protect online and mobile channels, as well as meet compliance requirements for transactional risk analysis
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Data analytics
Local data-based risk intelligence company launches partner programme
Risk intelligence company ResponSight adds organisations The Missing Link, Shearwater and SIEMonster to its new partner programme.
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Dark web
Flashpoint eyes Australia as key a focus for Asia Pacific expansion
The company says it’s going to ‘ramp up’ its presence in Australia, thanks to the country’s ample opportunities for commerce and prosperity.
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Data Science
ResponSight’s real-time enterprise risk intelligence thrives in Australia
"While boards and business leaders want to understand their organisation’s cyber risk posture, the way that most measure risk is arbitrary."
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Identity and Access Management
You know you're at risk but what's your identity risk score? Take this survey to find out
When it comes to your organisation, can you honestly say you know the risks as well as the back of your hand? How well do you score?
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Why security tools are useless if they don't relate to business objectives
Cybersecurity tools and products may not provide enough protection if businesses can’t say how those tools are part of their business objectives.
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Digital Shadows
Interview: How to grow a cybersecurity firm from the ground up
We talk to Digital Shadows’ Alastair Paterson on the development of cybersecurity.
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Introducing the dawn of a radical approach to cyber risk management
It’s time to think inside the box. Threat prevention offers the lowest risk, lowest cost and limited liability, according to experts.
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UK security provider NCC Group sets up shop in Singapore
UK-based cyber security and risk mitigation provider NCC Group has opened a new office in Singapore as the company continues worldwide expansion.
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Understanding why Risk Intelligence is a true game changer for MSPs
With an increasingly regulated and hostile Internet, MSPs are forced to move at the pace dictated by cybercriminals - Risk Intelligence can help.