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Personal data news stories

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Data-driven companies stuck in inefficient, manual processes
Although data-driven companies place utmost priority on securing sensitive data, most are stuck in cycles of ineffective manual practices.
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The future of digital identity: the need for systems reform
Identity credentialing, proving you are who you say you are, needs to catch up to the technologies available. Currently, most organisations use simple means.
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Forrester analysts comment on privacy practices ahead of International Privacy Day
Forrester's analysts share insights ahead of International Privacy Day on how privacy is now a priority for nearly every company worldwide.
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Kaspersky lists 5 cyber threats to watch for in 2022
Global privacy company Kaspersky has highlighted some of the most significant cyber threats New Zealand consumers and businesses should be prepared for in 2022.  
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Surfshark launches tool to stop personal info being sold by data brokers
Cybersecurity company Surfshark has released Incogni, a tool that helps prevent personal information from being stored and sold by data brokers.
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McAfee announces online protection service to protect people not products
In a statement the company said these announcements indicate a major shift in McAfee’s strategy to deliver an integrated and intuitive online protection service to protect people rather than point products that secure devices.
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Australians hesitant to share personal information online
"Most importantly, consumers feel more assured when organisations clearly make the effort to integrate frontend security measures, which underscores the need for simple, safe and secure identity verification."
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Kaspersky releases new report on consumer’s approach to digital services
COVID-19 related restrictions and the necessity to stay indoors has influenced the way people approach digital services, making them more aware of how securely both they, and their housemates, use the internet.
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Banks, government and health providers 'most trusted' with personal data
Banks, government agencies and healthcare providers, in that order, are trusted the most by Aussies and Kiwis to keep customer personal data safe, according to a report from Genesys.