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Mark Presnell stories

Mark Presnell is a prolific author who seems to have a strong predilection for the intersections of technology, business, and consumer experiences. With a keen eye for the evolving digital landscape, Presnell brings a thoughtful perspective to the challenges and opportunities these changes present. His work delves into the realms of artificial intelligence (AI), data privacy, and the ever-changing e-commerce sector, highlighting the pivotal moments and considerations for businesses navigating these areas.

One of Presnell's focuses is the growing skepticism surrounding cloud-based AI due to data privacy concerns, signalling a potential shift towards on-premise servers for businesses. He also casts a critical eye on New Zealand's e-commerce sector, expressing concerns over its lag in customer experience and the risk of losing the personal touch in retail. Furthermore, Presnell ventures into the impact of AI on Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms within the Aotearoa retail sector, suggesting a looming obsoletion if they fail to adapt to consumer demands for rapidity and unique shopping experiences. His writings serve as a crucial examination of how technology trends are reshaping the landscape of business and consumer interaction.