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Kevin Roundy stories

Kevin Roundy is a noted author whose investigative journalism keenly focuses on the evolving realm of cyber security and its impact on society. With a particular interest in the behaviours of younger demographics in the digital age, Roundy's work often sheds light on the darker aspects of technology, such as the prevalence of cyber stalking among New Zealand's youth, as his studies reveal a startling affinity for such activities within this group.

Understanding the intersection of technology and economics, Roundy also offers insights into how fiscal climates can influence cyber threats. His research anticipates a stark correlation between economic pressures and the rise of cybercrime, suggesting that 2023's economic rigours could translate into a playground for unscrupulous cyber scammers preying on the financially strained.

Furthermore, Roundy stays abreast of cutting-edge developments within the cyber underworld, highlighting the appropriation of sophisticated AI tools like ChatGPT by nefarious actors. He outlines the increasing sophistication of scams, including the creation of deepfake chatbots and advanced phishing schemes, delineating a future where cybercrime becomes ever more indistinguishable from legitimate online interactions.

Finally, with an eye on the societal shifts brought about by global events, Roundy considers the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on our digital habits. His examination into the surge of screen addiction during lockdown periods highlights the unintended cybersecurity consequences of the global health crisis, noting an alarming trend towards increased vulnerability as screen time soars amidst New Zealand’s populace.