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Jonathan Jansen stories

Jonathan Jansen is a prolific author with a keen interest in New Zealand's burgeoning digital landscape, particularly within the realm of Esports and online gaming. Jansen's works delve into the dynamics of technological progress and cyber security within the gaming industry, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges faced by the community. His recent analysis of Chorus's commitment to the New Zealand Esports scene through a Hyperfibre sponsorship deal exemplifies his focus on the infrastructural advancements and support blossoming within the sector.

With an eye on the darker side of digital leisure, Jansen also explores the pressing issue of gaming security. His enquiry into the experiences of Kiwi gamers serves to understand whether they are safeguarded or exposed amidst the rising tide of cyber threats. Jansen's interest goes beyond the surface, examining the vulnerabilities that especially affect younger gamers and underlining the importance of robust security measures in an increasingly connected world. As an author, Jansen offers both enthusiasm for the digital age's possibilities and a cautionary perspective on the necessary precautions in a landscape where leisure and risk are intertwined.