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John Wilson stories

John Wilson is an insightful author who explores the intricate landscape of cyber security and the agricultural economy with a keen eye. In his latest narrative, he delves into the burgeoning issue of response-based threats, illuminating HelpSystems' analysis on the surge of such attacks that prey on corporate inboxes. His exposition on this topic underscores the highest spike in email-based scams since 2020, indicating a worrisome trend for businesses grappling with data protection.

On a different note, Wilson turns his attention to the dairy industry, offering an incisive account of Fonterra's competitive stance on milk payouts. Through his coverage of the company's annual meeting, he reflects on the sagacious words of former director Jim van der Poel, highlighting the pressing need for Fonterra to spearhead industry benchmarks for farmgate milk prices. Wilson's reporting encapsulates the critical economic pressures facing agricultural giants in today's market.