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Internet speeds news stories

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'Fastest ever' internet speed recorded in Australian research project
Have you ever wanted to download 1000 HD films in a single second? Maybe not, but according to a study from three universities in Australia, it’s now possible.
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Remote Working
Global lockdowns put pressure on internet infrastructure
With COVID-19 resulting in many countries going into lockdown, more people are transitioning to working and studying remotely, putting more pressure on internet infrastructure around the world.
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Internet use
Vodafone NZ launches new COVID-19 plans
“Vodafone has taken a proactive approach to this pandemic right from the beginning, and is committed to doing its utmost to support society during this rapidly evolving situation.”
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Internet infrastructure strained as demand for servers surges 30%
Internet service providers are extending data caps to meet the newfound reliance on the network, however, some experts express uncertainty concerning internet infrastructure’s ability to keep up with the rapidly growing demand.
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Internet exchange
DE-CIX breaks another data throughput record at Frankfurt exchange
DE-CIX successfully delivered more than 9 terabits per second (TB/s) through a Frankfurt internet exchange. According to the company, it has now broken a new ‘sound barrier’.
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Chorus announces first Kiwi towns to receive HyperFibre
The availability of Hyperfibre means New Zealand is one of only 10 countries in the world to deploy broadband faster than one gigabit per second, and it is the first in the Southern Hemisphere.
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MyIX announces significant growth over 10 year period
“With seed funding from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) that sustained us until 2010, MyIX has remained the number one Internet Exchange in Malaysia.”
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Network Infrastructure
Australian broadband users opting for faster speed tiers, according to NBN
The company states that 70% of new orders on the nbn network are now based on wholesale speed tiers of 50 Mbps (download) or higher.
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Vodafone shows improved average surf speeds in May
After noticing Vodafone delivered slower average speeds than other ISPs in April, TrueNet have announced a significant improvement in May results.
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Phone and internet? Who needs them!
The idea for this month’s editor’s blog came from one of our readers, Scott, who expressed frustration over the fact that he has been waiting four long weeks to get a broadband connection from his internet service provider