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Demand for business financing grows as businesses restock
Australian small businesses, much like businesses everywhere else in the world, have been struggling since the beginning of the pandemic.
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International Women's Day
IWD 2022: Overcoming the IT sector's gender imbalance
It's interesting to consider that, in the third decade of the 21st Century, there is still a gender imbalance in the IT industry. It might be closing slowly, but there is still a very long way to go.
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Cloud Security
Relativity completes IRAP security assessment for Aus market
The assessment supports higher standards for security postures in technology systems used by government agencies in Australia.
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Top 10 government technology trends for 2022 revealed
“Government and public sector CIOs now need to sustain the momentum of digital acceleration after the initial chaos of the pandemic."
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Digital Transformation
Gartner's top 10 government technology trends for 2022
Gartner releases its top 10 government tech trends for 2022, to guide public-sector leaders in accelerating digital transformation and mitigating disruption risks.
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VPNs are the MVPs, so what exactly can they help you with?
Although a VPN cannot guarantee you 100% anonymity, it does give an extensive amount of protection, so it may definitely be worth a look next time you want to nab a good flight deal or avoid those troublesome ISPs.
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GDP rise set for NZ, but OECD recommends digital transformation to drive growth
They say that digital apprenticeships should be developed to help drive forward this technological transformation, and particular assistance be provided for those pursuing digital careers.
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Australia and New Zealand shouldn't rush to follow White House zero-trust cybersecurity strategy
"Going deeper, four years to zero trust is a very ambitious goal – and a strategy that will no doubt continue to evolve as government agencies dig in."
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Commerce Commission
Proceedings filed against government software provider
The NZ Commerce Commission has now filed proceedings against digital government software company Objective Corporation Limited (Objective).
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Supply chain woes set to continue in 2022 - Shopify
"In the months ahead, we will see logistics companies build more resilient supply chains with a heightened focus on digitisation and decentralisation."
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Sustainability is a business imperative - can technology save us?
Sustainability has become even more important over the last few years, with many growing organisations having set their own targets to reduce carbon emissions.
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Australian Government orgs failing to manage cyber risk, report finds
The report shows the risk profile of local government organisations is unlikely to materially improve in 2022, as the threat environment continues to deteriorate.
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What should be Australia’s public sector response to strengthening online security?
Government employees and contractors are prime targets for cyber-attacks because of the information they have access to.
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Investigation: The NZ Govt is weakening its grip on nuisance spam
The nuisance spam has decreased markedly in 2021, but in 2007, a widely-disseminated factoid, of unknown origin, suggested that up to 85% of email sent in that year was unwanted spam.
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New report finds investments in digital infrastructure the key to data center growth
A new data center market report has found that increasing investments in digital infrastructure have led to growth opportunities for data centers globally.
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Cloud forecast for 2022 – increase in digital connectivity
As the world spins towards 2022, it is clear that the new year will see our reliance on cloud technologies becoming more vital than ever before.
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SUPERNAP Thailand partners with Thai government agencies for leading Tier IV upgrades
Thailand's National Data Center and cloud services have upgraded to Tier IV international standards as a result of the newly merged entity of state enterprises CAT Telecom and TOT and provider SUPERNAP (Thailand).
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Digital trade pivotal in unlocking economic benefits for NZ, report finds
“If we can increase understanding through outreach programmes to MSMEs and SMEs and demonstrate the value of digital trade, we will begin to realise that the cost reductions are truly significant.”
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An exclusive look at the NZ NCSC cyber crime report
Documenting the activities of New Zealand government agencies for the tax-paying public ensures one consumes a range of essential, if largely indigestible, reading matter.
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Govt to ease border restrictions for 600 skilled tech workers
“We’re carefully targeting areas of the sector where industry has highlighted a clear need for overseas talent including, software development, product managers, cybersecurity and interactive media.”
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To disclose or not to disclose?: The significance of data breach disclosure in Aotearoa
A data breach can be any company's worst nightmare. Not only can it cause catastrophic damage to systems and workflows, but it can also often be extraordinarily damaging and costly. 
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Singapore & UK Govts boost digital identity, cybersecurity & digital trade cooperation
The MOUs are designed to advance the two countries’ relationships in the three areas and make it easier for both countries to trade with each other.
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Qual IT launches new graduate program to combat growing IT skill shortage
Qual IT NZ has announced the launch of its new graduate program in a bid to combat the country's growing IT skills shortage.
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Data Protection
Acquia officially receives 'protected' stamp from IRAP assessment
This confirms that Acquia Drupal Cloud has achieved the Australian government security status of Protected on selected deployments.