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Digital Citizenship news stories

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Identity and Access Management
HID Global launches ID verification solution
The HID goID Simple Verifier is a small device that can be used by anyone seeking to quickly verify the age of citizens carrying a HID goID mobile ID on their smartphones.
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Six tips for integrating tech in the classroom
"The result was a completely engaged class, immediate feedback from peers, and the ability for the teacher to reinforce digital citizenship skills."
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Google launches gamified digital citizenship programme
"Be Internet Awesome provides materials educators and parents can use to help students learn about online safety in a fun and engaging way."
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Learning management systems and digital citizenship
"In today’s digital world it’s crucial that people learn this early on so they can take advantage of the opportunities digital technology create."
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Cyberbullying affects many Kiwi kids, how can you help?
"As a society, we can’t think about the online world as something that isn’t “real life”. How we behave online can have a huge effect on others."
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Technology in the Classroom
Recharging robots with stories and teamwork in term 2
A chance to try a new gamification tool that encourages collaboration. Can you save the droid before his power cells are permanently drained?
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We can stop our students being harmed by 'Blue Whale'
"A dangerous social media trend has found its way into New Zealand, and schools are going to be one of the best defences against it taking root."
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Encouraging digital citizenship is a step into the future
Digital citizen are people who understand the rights and responsibilities of inhabiting cyberspace. You may understand; what about your students?