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Fortinet training edges toward closing cybersecurity gap
The Fortinet Training Institute has made significant progress in closing the cybersecurity skills gap, on track to train one million people by 2026.
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How open banking benefits customers, banks – and cybercriminals
While open banking benefits banks, fintechs, and consumers, its promise to deliver innovative services and spur competition does not come without security cautions.
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Divide between IT and OT teams hindering unified cybersecurity strategies
"Organisations must not fall into the trap of thinking that OT can just be tacked onto an existing IT program or managed under a general IT umbrella."
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Zero trust security
Appgate launches latest version of zero trust network access solution
The new version of Appgate SDP introduces capability and usability enhancements designed to help enterprises expand and accelerate strategic zero trust initiatives.
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Ping Identity
Ping Identity acquires Singular Key, extends no-code functionality
"Singular Key’s no-code identity orchestration makes integrating identity and other enterprise apps simple, allowing customers to achieve better end user experiences in less time.”
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Traditional solutions fail to secure organisations against today's malware
"Traditional anti-malware solutions alone are simply insufficient for today's threat environment. Every organisation needs a layered, proactive security strategy that involves machine learning and behavioural analysis."
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How to address cyber-threats as a strategic risk
Becoming a cyber-secure organisation in the face of an evolving threat landscape requires a strategic, business-focused approach to security as opposed to a tactical approach in which security is addressed simply by implementing new tools.
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Companies not utilising threat hunters correctly – study
“Responding to threats is important for security, but it is not the main task of the threat hunter.”
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75% of DevOps professionals say certificate issuance policies slow them down
Less than half of DevOps professionals believe developers always request certificates that serve as machine identities through authorised channels.
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Organisations still not getting cybersecurity fundamentals right - Wavelink
Research shows that nearly 60% of organisations that suffered a data breach in the two years between 2016 and 2018 fell victim to a known vulnerability with patches available.
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Women in Technology
AiSP launches ladies in cybersecurity mentorship programme
The initiative aims to plug the industry’s talent gap, spur female participation in cybersecurity, and transform the role women play in Singapore’s cyber defence.
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Application Performance Monitoring / APM
Business security performance impacting bottom line - Thycotic
When cybersecurity teams do not meet their targets, it impacts the CEO with longer hours, job insecurity, shareholder pushback, and bonus reductions.
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Nine ways to boost IT security during the summer holidays
With fewer users to manage, IT teams will likely have more capacity to carry out tasks that might have been overlooked during the busy business year.
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How user-centred design is reshaping cybersecurity
A user-centered design approach starts with users and asking them what they want to gain a deeper understanding of their needs.
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Network Security
Time to turn the tables on cyber-attackers
Cyberattackers are no strangers to deception and trickery, and emerging ‘deception technology’ is giving the defending team an opportunity to turn the tables in their favour, Attivo finds.
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IT Automation
How to level up Australia’s cybersecurity productivity – CrowdStrike
The Productivity Bulletin showed that productivity levels in Australia has been declining in key industries since 2013, falling behind global peers.
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Cloud Security
Forcepoint increases cloud security presence to cover 128 countries
This PoP expansion brings Forcepoint services to virtually anywhere in the world while delivering optimal security and productivity enhancing capabilities.
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Fortune 500 companies failing to demonstrate cybersecurity commitment - Bitglass
The report found that 38% of the 2019 Fortune 500 do not have a chief information security officer (CISO).
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Why businesses need a strategy to combat the enemy within – Ping Identity
While strengthening your organisation’s external defences with the latest tools and technologies makes sound sense, it’s only half a battle plan.
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Multi-factor authentication / MFA
Time to include multi-factor authentication in your cybersecurity strategy - WatchGuard
Enterprises looking to reduce the risk of cyber-compromise or attack need to think about adding multi-factor authentication technology to their arsenal.
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Board members in A/NZ most engaged in cybersecurity – Infosys
The research highlights how cybersecurity is a top priority for organisations in the A/NZ market, with boards taking a more hands-on approach to cybersecurity.
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NZ Government
Govt invests $8m into refreshed Cyber Security Strategy
The Government has refreshed its approach to New Zealand’s cybersecurity, with more focus on partnerships, funding, and international participation.
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Security risks of neglecting the workforce experience – Avaya
Government departments and enterprises are wasting millions of dollars every year on cybersecurity because they fail to also invest in the user experience.
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Exclusive: VMware’s challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity
While it’s still critically important to have a strong perimeter, it is widely accepted now that the status quo of security simply doesn’t work anymore.