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Candid West stories

Candid West is a prolific author whose insightful columns often delve into the complex and rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity. With a keen interest in how technology shapes our defenses against digital threats, West's writing provides an in-depth look at cutting-edge topics such as the troubling use of artificial intelligence by cybercriminals. He has illuminated the pertinacious nature of ransomware attacks, an issue of increasing concern in the digital landscape, and the disturbing rise in data stealing methods.

Not limited to the darker side of tech, West also celebrates industry achievements, highlighting significant innovations in the field. He has shone a spotlight on Acronis for their remarkable work in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), capturing industry recognition from Frost & Sullivan. West's commentary encapsulates an array of interests from cybersecurity's challenges to its triumphs, offering readers a thorough understanding of the current and future state of our digital world.