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Zally to transform cybersecurity with behavioural biometrics
Wed, 20th Dec 2023

Zally, a Manchester-based authentication platform, is preparing to launch next year. The start-up company has ambition to revolutionise the cybersecurity landscape by eliminating traditional passwords. Zally's advanced technology hopes to create a safer alternative to the current norm where, as research shows, 90% of even the strongest passwords can be cracked within an hour.

Unlike typical authentication systems reliant on passwords or multi-factor codes, Zally utilises progressive behavioural biometrics technology. The system benefits from the ability to authenticate users continuously throughout their digital interaction, rather than solely at point of login, the company says.

In doing so, this method makes it challenging for unauthorised users to replicate legitimate user behaviour and enhances online safety. In addition, the continuous authentication eliminates the need for multiple passwords, offering a streamlined and more efficient customer experience.

Zally says it aims for the cybersecurity industry to move away from traditional, static point-in-time authentication systems. The innovative solution of the company signals a significant move in the cybersecurity landscape, a long overdue shift in the industry. Recent studies have confirmed how vulnerable traditional passwords can be. Even the strongest of them can be deciphered within a short period, adding to the risks especially when individuals reuse the same password across multiple platforms.

Zally's unique solution to this potential problem helps eliminate many difficulties linked with online fraud. From phishing attempts to account takeover attacks, continuous authentication could sidestep many fraud issues birthed from the susceptibilities of static authentication systems. The new system proposes a pathway to a safer online world, Zally says.

Patrick Smith, Chief Eexecutive Officer and Founder of Zally, spoke on behalf of the company: "Our reliance on passwords, an inheritance from a previous digital era, is proving increasingly insufficient against sophisticated cyber threats. On the other hand, By using advanced behavioural biometrics, Zally provides the most effective way for individuals to confirm they are who they say they are. Therefore, our solution not only thwarts fraud and stops cyber-attacks more efficiently but also greatly streamlines processes from logging in to checkout."

Smith continued, "Solutions that utilise continuous authentication stand out as not just a technological advancement but a necessary evolution in our methods of protecting our online presence and digital assets. At Zally, we believe it is time to abandon the outdated passwords in favour of more dynamic and secure alternatives. This shift will usher in a more secure online future for everyone."