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WhiteHawk announces product launch and partnership with global consulting firm
Wed, 15th Apr 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

WhiteHawk has today announced a new sales partnership with a major global consulting firm, which it says is already bringing in new revenues.

To date, WhiteHawk has secured several key subscriptions via the partnership, as well as an additional sales channel for its new Cyber Risk Program with initial subscription revenues exceeding US$400,000 (A$622K) in 2020.

WhiteHawk is the foremost global online cybersecurity exchange and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven cyber risk mitigation company that enables small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take action against cybercrime.

The company's expanded product line now includes the Cyber Risk Program, a software as a service (SaaS) product incorporating WhiteHawk's Cybersecurity Exchange online platform, its automated Cyber Risk Scorecards, and virtual consultations.

WhiteHawk says the program acts as a ‘second set of expert eyes' to identify and mitigate cyber risks to an organisation's revenue and reputation, and it is scoped remotely and implemented virtually to any company anywhere in the world.

The remote aspect of the program can benefit users experiencing lockdown across the world as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and helps fight against the plethora of new cyber threats taking advantage of the pandemic.

The rise in pandemic-related cybercrime and fraud schemes means that a continuous risk monitoring, prioritisation and mitigation approach is needed more than ever.

WhiteHawk says its new sales channel through its recent partnership with a global consulting firm means it is well-placed to help customers through this heightened-risk period.

The growth in customer contracts and the first revenues from this news sales channel demonstrate that the pandemic is not slowing WhiteHawk down.

The company asserts that it is well-positioned to continue to support its current customers and to engage with future customers amid the current global pandemic.

Its Cyber Risk Radar, Cyber Risk Program, Scorecards and online Cybersecurity Exchange have each been piloted and scaled and continue to be implemented virtually and effectively to customers anywhere in the world.

The sub-$10 million company has a strong cash position — sufficient to operate well into 2021 and has existing revenue-generating contracts and a strong sales pipeline in the United States.

These span diverse sectors including the US federal government, US financial sector, US Defense and Industrial Base (DIB) and the US manufacturing sector.

“CEOs and boards have been asking what they should be focused on from a Digital Age Risk perspective and so we developed this continuous, virtual new product, which costs less and is a hundred-fold more comprehensive than any cyber risk consulting service,” says WhiteHawk executive chair Terry Roberts.

“In only a few months, WhiteHawk is already seeing positive growth with this product line.

“As with our other product lines, the Cyber Risk Program is executed via cloud-based and online platforms, SaaS services and virtual consultations, which can be sold and implemented during this most challenging global environment.

“CIOs, CEOs, executive teams and Boards don't have to miss a beat to be on top of their Digital Age Risks.