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Utimaco & InfoSec Global partner for post-quantum computing security
Tue, 12th Mar 2024

Utimaco, a global IT security solutions provider, and InfoSec Global, a specialist in cryptographic vulnerability management and cryptographic agility, have announced the establishment of a strategic partnership. The new initiative aims to support commercial and governmental entities in meeting migration requirements related to post-quantum computing (PQC) while facilitating the adoption of industry-leading practices in areas such as key management, hardware security and cryptographic agility.

The collaboration also plans to assist organisations in mitigating the risks associated with quantum computing, enabling them to identify their specific quantum computing risks and enhance their cryptographic agility to secure vital data, identities and other assets of value.

The partnership brings together technical integration and go-to-market collaboration, significantly enhancing the capacity of businesses and government organisations to identify, catalogue, and manage cryptographic assets and achieve cryptographic agility as they confront the challenges posed by post-quantum cryptography (PQC) migration. The collaboration has also resulted in Utimaco becoming the latest shareholder in InfoSec Global, joining investors Merlin Ventures and Synopsys.

The emergence of quantum computing promises solutions to complex problems at unprecedented speeds, posing a notable threat to sensitive systems and data across practically all enterprises. The present-day data protection paradigm relies predominantly on classical encryption approaches such as RSA and ECC that depend on mathematical algorithmic complexity. However, quantum computers present the potential to break these algorithms, exposing a significant vulnerability.

Enterprises are responding to this impending reality by preparing for the post-quantum era and taking immediate action to address cryptographic vulnerabilities in order to counter so-called 'harvest now, decrypt later' attacks. In service of this objective, Utimaco and InfoSec Global's partnership seeks to equip organisations with the means to identify their quantum computing risks and evolve into a state of cryptographic agility to secure their data, identities, and other assets of value.

The partnership provides assistance in two main ways. Firstly, it delivers a higher level of cryptographic discovery, analysis, and surveillance. InfoSec Global's AgileSec Analytics platform enables organisations to swiftly scan their core systems, build a comprehensive inventory of cryptographic assets, uncover potential vulnerabilities and proactively safeguard cryptographic hygiene.

Secondly, the partnership adds an extra tier of quantum-safe security to digital procedures such as document or code signing, issuing of PQC or hybrid certificates for Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs), or key injection and chip personalisation by running quantum-safe crypto algorithms within the secure confines of Utimaco's Q-safe Anchor General Purpose Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Nagy Moustafa, Co-Founder and CEO at InfoSec Global, sees the mutual expertise of the two companies as a primary catalyst for the creation of an advanced cryptographic solutions ecosystem. As he outlined, the partnership is not just a business investment; it is a commitment to a shared vision of the future of secure computing. Meanwhile, Stefan Auerbach, CEO at Utimaco, is positive about the venture with InfoSec Global. In his view, the partnership satisfies the increasing demand from organisations to comprehend how they can ready themselves and secure their data in a quantum computing environment.