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Unisys adds new capabilities to Stealth solution

13 Nov 2020

Unisys has released its Stealth 6.0 solution, which features enhanced visualisation and dashboard tools to simplify IT reporting and deployment, improve security posture and reduce IT environment complexity with appropriate policies. 

Stealth includes artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automation to speed up installation, configuration and deployment in the enterprise.

Stealth 6.0, which uses micro-segmentation, encryption and dynamic isolation to contain threats and protect public, private, hybrid, multi-cloud and on-premises environments, is available for enterprise use to provide additional protection across cloud computing platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services Cloud and Google Cloud. 

It also provides virtual agent support across operating systems, including macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android, enabling support for the broadest array of digital infrastructure.

Many organisations’ security teams have a lot of critical data to monitor and manage. 

With fully integrated security architectures these teams can reduce time and resource spend on manually analysing security logs and data among solutions. 

A recent Check Point commissioned survey of global security leaders found that more than half (53%) said that setting and managing policies and complex deployments served as the biggest challenges to their organisations, while 51% cited the manual work needed for integration among solutions. 

Stealth 6.0 expands upon previous versions to address these challenges through the delivery of zero trust capabilities, including: 

  • Automated enterprise security that features AI and machine learning capabilities to reduce complexity by translating thousands of network communication flows into a streamlined set of security policies.
    The deployment Wizard enables quick implementation while a API framework automates all Stealth installation, configuration and deployment activities, which can be done remotely and with thousands of endpoints installed at the same time.
  • A visual interface. Stealth’s visualisation of the network environment makes it easier for organisations to spot potentially harmful traffic that needs to be secured immediately.
    It also provides at-a-glance insight into the applications and traffic flows that are protected by Stealth. 
  • A real-time security dashboard provides organisations with a clean look at the status of their network in a single view.
    This enables organisations to address business outcomes with insights about the environment to enable informed decisions, meet compliance requirements and improve the overall security.

“Unisys Stealth gives clients the ability to see, segment and secure the entirety of their global infrastructure through a single touchpoint,” says Unisys chief product officer and products and platforms senior vice president Vishal Gupta. 

“With more enterprises managing a remote workforce and increasing reliance on the cloud since the pandemic started, the need to consolidate and simplify security is more important than ever. Stealth combines identity-based access management with an easy-to-use interface and touchless provisioning that allows businesses to meet privacy and compliance standards while reducing cost and complexity.” 

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