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Thales solution supports DevSecOps teams with data protection
Thu, 16th Jun 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Thales has announced the CipherTrust Platform Community Edition, enabling DevSecOps teams to deploy data protection controls into multi-cloud applications in minutes instead of weeks.

The CipherTrust Platform is a broadly deployed encryption and key management solution for data protection applications. IT teams around the world use it to protect sensitive data assets.

The CipherTrust Platform Community Edition is a version of the platform targeted to developers and DevSecOps teams, designed to help them evaluate and integrate the solution into their workflows and build pipelines.

Thales states the latest release reduces the friction required to implement data protection technology and provides an easier path for organisations to scale from development to production.

According to Thales, starting with the CipherTrust Platform Community Edition, developers and DevSecOps teams can implement an enterprise-grade solution that, when ready to scale or go into production, can be upgraded to the CipherTrust Enterprise platform.

The Community Edition includes most of the features of the CipherTrust Enterprise platform and is well suited for small or development-type infrastructures, the company states.

It consists of a free-forever version of CipherTrust Manager and two CipherTrust connectors, CipherTrust Transparent Encryption for Kubernetes and CipherTrust Data Protection Gateway.

Protecting keys and certificates associated with applications and containers allows DevSecOps teams to manage a crucial element of an organisation's security strategy, Thales states.

With the Community Edition, developers can centralise key management and encryption policies across multi-cloud applications. When the solution requires a secure root of trust upgrading to the CipherTrust Enterprise Platform enables access to a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Thales Luna Hardware Security Modules.

With the ever-evolving security threats and compliance regulations, it is a constant chase for organisations to successfully implement and roll out security enhancements at the speed demanded by DevOps, Thales states.

As such, the Community Edition enables DevSecOps teams to rapidly protect data in legacy and cloud-native applications. They can protect sensitive data in RESTful calls and containerised applications in Kubernetes environments without modifying a single line of application source code.

Todd Moore, vice president of encryption products at Thales says, “Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement zero trust solutions within their security strategies. Similarly, DevSecOps teams demand that security practices be automated and integrated into each application development cycle stage to mitigate digital transformation risks.

"Thales is now offering a free-forever version of its CipherTrust Data Security Platform to give end users the tools to deploy data protection controls into multi-cloud applications in minutes removing the complexity from implementing data security and accelerating time to compliance.

Jay Lyman, senior research analyst at 451 Research, part of S-P Global Market Intelligence, comments, “Many enterprises are still figuring out how to implement DevSecOps, which represents a departure from traditional thinking whereby security teams own security for the organisation from end to end. Organisations must acknowledge that collaboration among teams not accustomed to working together is critical to successful cross-domain objectives, such as faster releases and greater efficiency.