SecurityBrief NZ - Resilient IT keeps Kiwi companies on road to recovery with new CTO


Resilient IT keeps Kiwi companies on road to recovery with new CTO

When was the last time you reviewed or exercised your own business continuity and Disaster Recovery programme?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and in this day and age, it has become more of a when will it happen rather than an if it will happen.

Ensuring your Disaster recovery solution has been designed with these modern security threats in mind is critical for modern organisations, and Resilient IT is here to help with exactly that.

Based in Auckland, they have a strong history of protecting New Zealand organisations from disruptive and damaging incidents before they take control.

And, with such dramatic and sometimes even damaging changes to technology, it was only natural that Resilient IT added another great mind into their mix.

Keivan joins Resilient IT as Chief Technology Officer with 17 years of industry experience under his belt.

As the new CTO, Keivan will be responsible for technology initiatives and the delivery of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity assessment services to a wide a range clients.

“I am quite excited to work with Resilient IT team to take our technology approach further using modern disaster recovery techniques, processes and tools that enhance our clients experience with their on-premises IT infrastructure or cloud-based systems,” says Keivan.

“Having observed the dramatic change in availability of low-cost storage systems and wider use of smart technologies such as virtualisation, we have been able to create fit for purpose solutions to move a customer from cold Backup as a Service (BaaS) services into a more dynamic and warm Disaster as a Service (DRaaS) model with greatly improved recovery outcomes that are proven in yearly exercises.”

So, if you find yourself still using legacy backup technologies that haven’t evolved with their business requirements, then Resilient IT is the one for you.

Rather than having a particular box of products to sell, they begin their journey with a client by looking at what their business does, how it generates revenue and where its costs lie.This then enables a complete analysis of the potential or current risks of disruption to their business objectives.

Contact Resilient IT today to reassess and recover with their initial resiliency assessment.


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