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Radiflow launches iRISK for greater visibility into risk and vulnerability

Radiflow, the company that provides cybersecurity solutions for industrial automation networks, has launched a business driven industrial risk analytics service known as iRISK.

iRISK is designed to provide comprehensive vulnerability assessment reporting for OT networks, including risk prioritisations and mitigation recommendations, according to the company.

The iRISK service generates a risk-oriented visibility report for an OT network that includes the details of network properties, risk levels for devices and links, potential attack paths for detected vulnerabilities and more.

iRISK uses an algorithm to calculate the likelihood of each attack on the analysed OT network taking into account the network context of each device rather than its standalone posture.

The new offering also provides applicable mitigation recommendations according to NIST guidelines, specifying which corrective actions can improve the OT networks security posture.

iRISK weighs the exploitability of the assets and links in the OT networks digital image against historical attack data combined with impact analysis based for each business process, the company states.

It uses this weighted data to run multiple attack simulations in order to provide a modelling of the likelihood of attacks and effectiveness of the proposed mitigations.

Radiflow vice president of business development Rani Kehat says, “iRISK adds an important new risk planning and mitigation prioritisation layer to OT cybersecurity between mapping and visibility to threat detection.

“Our risk assessment capabilities enable our industrial enterprise and critical infrastructure operator customers to assess their risk levels and plan their mitigation roadmaps in the most effective way, while enabling our MSSP partners to differentiate their OT cybersecurity offerings with new and advanced services.”

As a cloud-based service, the analytic processes of iRISK can be run continually or on an ad-hoc basis directly by the end user organisation or as part of an OT cybersecurity service provided by an MSSP.

Radiflow will be participating at ManuSec Europe this week in Munich, Germany and will be demonstrating iRISK at the event.

Also at ManuSec Europe, Idan Patelsky, Radiflows product manager will be presenting on the topic of 'Reducing Potential Business Interruptions in Critical Manufacturing Operations'.

Radiflow offers a complete portfolio of solutions for ICS/SCADA networks that enables users to maintain visibility and control of their OT networks, including an Intelligent Threat Detection tool that passively monitors the OT network for anomalies as well as Secure Gateways that protect OT networks from any deviations from set access policies.

Radiflow’s team consists of professionals from different backgrounds including cyber experts from military units and automation experts from global industrial vendors and operators.

The company’s solutions have been deployed in more than 3,000 sites by utilities and industrial enterprises worldwide and have been validated by research labs.

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