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Rackspace Technology unleashes first APAC AI data assistant
Mon, 23rd Oct 2023

Rackspace Technology has partnered with Straits Interactive to create an AI Data Protection Officer (DPO) Assistant with Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR) on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

The driving force behind the collaboration is to promote the responsible use of AI by leveraging Rackspace Technology's multicloud solutions integrated with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Generative Service. 

Straits Interactive and Rackspace Technology will offer joint solutions that include AI-enabled multicloud solutions integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft Purview for data governance as part of its Capabara Capability-as-a-Service platform services.

These solutions will enable organisations to harness generative AI for business transformation, the companies state.

The AI DPO Assistant, one of the first in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, is a chatbot powered by generative AI as part of Straits Interactive's suite of services within Capabara, The Capabara platform is a proprietary Capability-as-a-Service that offers a comprehensive solution for organisations to develop, govern, and manage digital transformation goals while ensuring the safe and responsible use of generative AI. 

Kevin Shepherdson, CEO of Straits Interactive, says, "Straits Interactive is proud to partner with Rackspace and Microsoft in our aim to accelerate the adoption of generative AI for small and medium enterprise subject matter experts."

"The Capabara platform and the AI Assistant chatbot transform and optimise Straits' efficiency and productivity, and we are excited to share this technology."

"Rackspace Technology's secure multicloud solutions and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service align with our goal to empower organisations of all sizes to create value with generative AI while balancing it with managing risks and constraints, safeguarding their data, and maintaining compliance." 

The AI DPO Assistant chatbot guides organisations, especially SMEs, in data governance and navigating data protection requirements. Built on the Microsoft Azure Open AI Service, the chatbot securely stores data in a multicloud environment by Rackspace Technology.

According to the company, the AI DPO Assistant will: 

  • Enable clients and service providers to efficiently query industry best practices and procedures in multiple jurisdictions. It will also allow governance teams to securely upload their Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRMC) documents and provide self-help assistance to employees across the organisation. 
  • Collaborate with consultants from Straits Interactive to operationally comply with data protection requirements, which consider bespoke company policies, associated risks, and recommended operational controls. 
  • Leverage generative AI capabilities to create customised in-house Generative AI apps using Straits Interactive AI Capability tools, including tabletop exercises for breach scenarios, self-learning compliance modules, assessment questions, and more. 

Srini Koushik, President of Technology and Sustainability, Rackspace Technology, says, "Straits Interactive required an AI solution that could understand queries in natural language and provide concise, accurate responses, allowing employees to access data privacy information instantly."

"From understanding region-specific privacy laws to the differences between regulations in different countries, this shift from manual processes to an AI-driven solution led to a significant leap in efficiency. Developing the new AI DPO Assistant on Microsoft's OpenAI Service with FAIR will improve sustainable data governance." 

Kevin Shepherdson, CEO of Straits Interactive, says, "Utilising Rackspace's IP in the generative AI and FAIR offering, Rackspace gathered specific requirements from Straits Interactive to propose a multi-phase approach that facilitated a prompt demo for stakeholders, satisfying short-term needs and a productised solution for long-term customer needs."

"By implementing a responsible OpenAI framework alongside IaC and CI/CD frameworks, Rackspace ensured faster iterations of the productised solution, optimising efficiency and effectiveness."