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Qrypt's quantum encryption joins NVIDIA's startup nurturing hub
Thu, 11th Jan 2024

Qrypt, a quantum-secure encryption company that eliminates key transmission, has been accepted into the prestigious NVIDIA Inception program.

The program is a hub for startups focused on revolutionising sectors through technological innovations. Qrypt states this membership will significantly bolster the comapny's mission to secure the AI industry and safeguard its invaluable data assets against emerging quantum threats.

As AI, particularly generative AI and large language models, continue to advance, data repositories have become increasingly precious. As such, there is an urgent requirement to ensure that such valuable data remains secure while in transit, as these technologies depend on multiple data sources.

This pressing concern is magnified due to the imminent quantum threat and the practice of 'harvest now, decrypt later'. Perpetrators store encrypted data at present, intending to decrypt it later with the advanced powers of quantum computers.

As a member of NVIDIA Inception, Qrypt is equipped to enhance data security against such immediate and pending hazards, employing quantum-secure encryption technology to defend against vulnerabilities of the 'harvest now, decrypt later' nature.

Denis Mandich, chief technology officer and co-founder of Qrypt, stated that, "Quantum computing will eventually break all the classical encryption technologies used in data transport, and potentially most of the post-quantum cryptography algorithms under review for standardisation, putting every data asset at risk of being compromised."

He further added, "Qrypt's quantum entropy sources generate perfect keys simultaneously at multiple endpoints to enable end-to-end encryption without key distribution, eliminating the risk of 'harvest now, decrypt later'. By leveraging the benefits provided through NVIDIA Inception, we can secure the AI industry and its valuable data assets against the quantum threat today."

NVIDIA Inception primarily assists startups in critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Membership comes with a customised set of continuous perks, including credits through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, preferred pricing on NVIDIA’s hardware and software, and technical assistance.

This suite of resources provides startups with the fundamental tools for growth. By availing of the resources offered through the program, Qrypt can support its swift growth and product innovation, positioning itself as a critical security partner for the AI industry.

Qrypt states it is focused on advancing data security with its peer-reviewed encryption technology. Its protection against the quantum threat incorporates the seamless integration of quantum entropy hardware with cryptographic key generation software. Qrypt guarantees data privacy and is available as a service, on-premises, or on any device.