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N4L's commitment to secure digital schooling featured in 2023 report
Wed, 20th Dec 2023

Network for Learning (N4L), the Crown-owned company known for its contribution to digital infrastructure and cybersecurity services for schools across New Zealand, has released its 2023 Annual Report.

The report showcases the company's consistent commitment to the successful roll-out of managed broadband, Wi-Fi, and cybersecurity products and services for the schools and kura of Aotearoa.

N4L prides itself on its fruitful partnership with the Ministry of Education, which enables the company to provide faster, more reliable internet services. N4L plays an active role in assisting schools and their students in manoeuvring potential cybersecurity threats and harmful digital content, ensuring a safe and secure online environment.

Notably, in the year 2022/23, N4L has made significant strides in achieving its milestones. A staggering 95% of New Zealand's schools now have N4L’s Safe & Secure Internet recommended settings switched on, thus ensuring a more secure online learning environment.

N4L's Customer Support team has professionally handled around 40,000 customer support cases, achieving 91% customer satisfaction across schools and kura, maintaining N4L’s year-on-year 90%+ customer satisfaction rating.

In addition to its remarkable customer service, N4L has impressively blocked 158 million security threats through its Security Operations Centre, further protecting schools from potential cyber threats.

Their widely used products, such as the Email Protection and the Security Operations Centre, continue to provide vital safeguards to schools around the country.

N4L’s continued excellence and persistent innovation were recognised in 2022/23, bagging the 'Best Customer Support' and 'Broadband Provider of the Year' awards at the NZ Compare Awards.

Amid such acclaim, N4L has spearheaded developments in ground-breaking fibre and satellite technologies that enhance the company's existing internet, Wi-Fi, cybersecurity, and content filtering solutions.

Notwithstanding the unique challenges presented by events such as extreme weather conditions or supply chain issues, N4L has continued to fulfill its purpose, putting to good use its advanced digital network capabilities in the operations of schools across New Zealand.

Network for Learning CEO Larrie Moore asserts, "It's become increasingly clear that online learning is now more critical than ever, and N4L’s products and services have become a vital part of Aotearoa's digital learning infrastructure."

Moore adds, "N4L's overarching goal is to deliver affordable, national and sustainable services to schools, ensuring all learners, regardless of their geography or socio-economic circumstances, can access safer, more reliable digital technology for learning. This reliability allows educators and students to concentrate on teaching and learning, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in our educational institutions."