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Kiwi company banishes managed service offering hurdles

05 Oct 2016

The demand for new security management services in New Zealand is currently going through a high growth phase.

That’s according to Infrazone who states that while the marketplace has been ripe for new entrants, the cost of establishing a managed services offering has been too much of a hurdle for organisations.

However, the service integrator’s offering - Service Zone - has significantly reduced this hurdle with its 24/7 white-labelled service desk and service management suite.

Just last week Service Zone celebrated its 12 month partnership with FINAO, bringing a new managed security and networking service to the marketplace.

With the support of Infrazone’s offering, FINAO has been able to add more to its portfolio and a new security capability to the market.

Michael Mynott, director of FINAO, says Infrazone’s white-labelled offering was the professional front end and service management wrap his organisation needed.

“Their ITIL process expertise ensures that we are able to easily integrate our offering with third parties,” he says.

With Service Zone’s 24/7 service we have successfully transitioned seven highly satisfied blue chip customers in the time that it would have taken to transition half that.”

Mynott explains that partnering with Service Zone has also enabled his team to focus on what they do best, ensuring that their clients’ security risks are managed and uptime is maximised.

Greg Harbers, another director at FINAO, says that the API integration between FINAO’s Auckland based Security & Network Operations Centre and Service Zone in Wellington automates incident logging and ensures that escalation processes kick in.

“The service is white-labelled so the FINAO 0800 number is answered with our brand, and the portal displays the FINAO brand as well. The Service Zone team do a great job of listening to our clients, advocating on their behalf and ensuring that their needs are met,” he explains.

“One of the reasons we chose Infrazone’s Service Zone was that their team had a track record of building service products and understood the behaviours that are essential in a security business.”

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