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Keepit's cloud backup solution offers rapid ransomware recovery
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

Keepit, a leader in cloud backup and recovery solutions, has announced the findings from its Total Economic Impact (TEI) study carried out in collaboration with Forrester Consulting. According to the study, Keepit proves to offer rapid data recovery and restoration following a ransomware attack, driving an economic advantage of $819,100. The research was conducted with businesses to understand the return on investment (ROI) achieved by implementing Keepit's SaaS data protection tools.

The research involved Forrester conducting interviews with four representatives who have experience using Keepit. Their findings were then amalgamated into a single composite organisation. This representative organisation, used for the purpose of the study, was characterised as a manufacturing business with an annual revenue of $2 billion.

As ransomware attacks become an increasingly common threat faced by numerous organisations, Keepit's solution becomes even more crucial, offering a lifeline for user data recovery post-cyberattacks or other incidents. Keepit enables IT administrators to discover, restore and safeguard data rapidly. Furthermore, the study affirmed that Keepit's SaaS data protection solution helps in preventing the detrimental impacts of ransomware attacks, saving valuable time and resources of IT teams, thereby leading to more productive SaaS backup operations.

As per the findings from the study, the Keepit solution enables quick recovery and restoration of data following a ransomware attack, thus avoiding data loss and minimising downtime. This helped the representative organisation achieve a benefit worth $819,100. Restoration time required for tier-one users also reduced by 90% when compared to the time required to restore their data without Keepit, which interviewees stated was generally at least three weeks.

Paul Robichaux, Microsoft MVP and senior director of Product at Keepit, elaborated, "We can prove its possible to significantly lower downtime during recovery from a ransomware attack. Lowering downtime is a sure-fire way to maximise return on your investment in a backup solution. The question isn’t if an attack will happen, but how to bounce back when it does."

Three quarters of security decision-makers have faced a breach in the past 12 months according to the study, and Forrester highlights that backups are the most effective insurance against such attacks. However, for them to work effectively, they need to be part of a planned and tested backup and recovery process. The study participants acknowledged that their organisation had a disaster plan in place for a potential ransomware attack and were aware of the exposure and possible losses they could endure as a result.

Following the release of the Forrester study, Keepit has announced it will host a webinar entitled 'The ROI of Ransomware Recovery' on March 26. The webinar will offer insights and suggestions on how to handle current loopholes in disaster recovery planning, best practices to ensure business continuity during a ransomware attack, and details about the ROI organisations have achieved by leveraging Keepit for ransomware recovery.